Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Butterfly Room and Cheap Decorating

When we reorganised the Play room I was not happy with how blank and bear the room looked, previously we had the big bookcase against the wall and therefore had no need of decoration.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money, well any money really on redecorating this room. So as we had renamed this room the "Butterfly Room" from Toy Story 3, Rogan traced some letters out of wrapping paper to make the words on the wall.
We then cut out butterfly shapes from some beautiful paper we had saved when we did some wet on wet painting. These made quite vibrant butterflies to add to the room.
To further the decorating theme we printed out some Flower Fairies, as these are a very popular theme in our home and put them up on the wall.

As we didn't have any laminating sheets we just put them up with out doing this put we can still laminate them, and I would recommend this for longevity.
Rogan was also keen to put some clouds and butterflies on the ceiling and have the light represent the sun.
Rogan was very keen to 'recreate' the welcome the Toy Story 3 characters had when they arrived at 'Sunnyside Daycare'
Actually the pictures really don't show how good the butterflies and Flower Fairies look but they really do add interest and life to the room and the children are loving it.



Leanne said...

Looks great gae, Love the toy Story theme.

Gardenia said...

a very economical and family-interactive way to decorate the play room. I'm not familiar with the butterfly room, having only watched Toy Story One, a new addition to our home this week. We'll eventually watch Toy Story two and three and find out all about the buitterfly room. Very nice decorations, and creative use of wrapping paper!! (I'm almost done with the fairy bower.)

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea. I love the lettering.
I'm posting at a new site. Hope you'll stop by and bring some cool weather with you! We are in desperate need of relief from the heat. :-)

Judy Dudich said...

Looks lovely! Great job!


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