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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Today as we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel I am a little sad we are not going to be able to attend Mass in Launceston at the Carmelite Monastery. Circumstances being as they are at the moment means we cannot travel over there today.

However our plans for today include making some wonderful treats (recipe's below) and to spend some time in craft activities.

One of the most special items today for me is the making of an:

Act of Consecration to Our Lady of Mount Carmel~

O Mary, Queen and Mother of Carmel, I come today to consecrate myself to you, for my whole life is but a small return for the many graces and blessings that have come from God to me through your hands. Since you look with special kindness on those who wear your Scapular, I implore you to strengthen my weakness with your power, to enlighten the darkness of my mind with your wisdom, and to increase in me Faith, Hope and Charity that I may repay each day my debt with humble homage to you.

May your Scapular bring me your special protection in my daily struggle to be faithful to your Divine Son and to you. May it separate me from all that is sinful in life and remind me constantly of my duty to imitate your virtues. From now on, I shall strive to live in God's Presence, and offer all to Jesus through you. Dearest Mother, support me by your never-failing love and lead me to paradise through the merits of Christ and your own intercession. Amen.

“ONE DAY, THROUGH THE ROSARY AND THE SCAPULAR, SHE WILL SAVE THE WORLD." – St. Dominic’s Prophecy of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Rosary and the Scapular, AD 1208

*Here is a short fun down on the Brown Scapular from Fisheaters
Our whole family was enrolled last year by our wonderful Nigerian priest. He was so thrilled to have us enroll as it is such a 'non event' here in our parish it seems.

Brown Scapular
Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Carmelites)
A.D. 1251
"The Brown Scapular of our Lady of Mount Carmel," associated with the Carmelite Order, is the most well-known. In A.D. 16 July 1251, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock in Cambridge, England after he prayed for help for his Order. She appeared to him with the scapular and said, "Take, beloved son this scapular of thy order as a badge of my confraternity and for thee and all Carmelites a special sign of grace; whoever dies in this garment, will not suffer everlasting fire. It is the sign of salvation, a safeguard in dangers, a pledge of peace and of the covenant."

Whether this happened exactly in this way or not (St. Simon's original descriptions of the vision are not extant and the wording may not be exact), the Scapular was given to St. Simon Stock, and the devotion spread and was well-known by the 16th c. What can be safely believed because of papal decree is the promise known as the "Sabbatine Privilege." The Sabbatine Privilege is the promise that Our Lady will intercede and pray for those in Purgatory who, in earthly life:

  • wore the Scapular in good faith;
  • were chaste according to their state in life;
  • daily recited the Divine Office or, with the permission of one's Confessor, the Little Office of Our Lady [a shorter form of the Divine Office in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, used by certain religious orders and laity. It is similar to the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Roman Breviary] or the Rosary; and
  • departed earthly life in charity.
You can be enrolled in the Confraternity of our Lady of Mount Carmel by any priest. Just obtain a scapular, take it to him to have it blessed, and express your desire for enrollment.

Warning: Some falsely believe that wearing the Brown Scapular offers some sort of guarantee of salvation because of the legendary words attributed to Our Lady. This is against Church teaching, is superstitious and a grave error. Sacramentals are not magical ways to manipulate God; they are Church-instituted rituals/objects that remind us of what we are supposed to be doing/thinking of, that depend on the faith, hope and love of the user, and which help prepare us to receive God's saving grace. One must do more than "wear the scapular"; one must wear it worthily.
For More information that is really detailed try some of these links. I like this one especially for the meaning of why it is important to live a life of value.
There really is so much available to read and so many links within these links. So take your time get to know all about it

These are our Plans from Last year for some ideas on what we did then

Our craft activities this year will be fairly tame. I will be painting a Our Lady of Mount Carmel, like the Alphabet saints and the recent birthday saints I have done.
The children will make the same our out of old fashioned peg dolls with stands (thanks for the supply Bernadette).

We will then make some paper scapula's for table decorations and a laminated image for a bookmark. (pictures as we complete them)

Colouring in always is a benefit and we will do these ones~
Brown Scapular,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
St Simon receiving the Scapular
as well as photocopy from our book on the Brown scapular.

I will read this aloud as the children colour in the pictures.

Our food this year will consist of Mini Caramel Cheesecakes, Caramel Candy, Caramel Self Saucing Pudding (recipe's below) and Scapular cake. This is the party food everyone wants.

Our main dinner as it is Friday is fairly plain: oven baked fish, hash browns and cauliflower and broccoli.


Mini Caramel Cheesecakes
125g plain sweet crushed biscuits
60g butter, melted
250g cream cheese
I can of Nestle top 'n' fill Caramel
300ml of cream
3 tsp gelatin dissolved in 2 TBSP hot water and then cool

1. Line 12 deep muffin pans with muffin cases.
Combine biscuit crumbs and butter, press into base of muffin cases, refrigerate until firm.

2. Beat cream cheese, 3/4 cup of the top 'n' fill Caramel and cream until smooth. Beat gelatine into cheesecake mixture.

3. Spoon mix evenly over crumb base. Spoon 1 tsp of remaining top 'n' fill over each cheesecake, swirl through. Refrigerate until set

4. Optional: Add a swirl of whipped cream on top for the "mount' look for the fest day.

We are making Caramels from this recipe:
1 1/2 cups of brown sugar
1 can of condensed milk
125 g of chopped butter
1 TBS golden syrup
1 TBS Liquid Glucose
1 tsp vanilla essence

1.Place first 5 ingredients into a microwave bowl and stir

2. Microwave on high for 5 mins. Stirring once

3. Cook further 8-10 mins on med-high stirring every 2 mins. Blend in vanilla

4. Spread mix into oiled lamington pan. Refrigerate until beginning to set.

5. Mark into squares and chill

6. Cut into squares

7. Optional: Dip squares into melted chocolate and then keep in fridge until ready to eat.

Caramel Self Saucing Pudding :
1 cup (150g) self-raising flour
¾ cup (165g) firmly packed brown sugar
20g butter, melted
½ cup (125ml) milk
4 (75g) fresh dates, seeded, chopped finely

¾ cup (165g) firmly packed brown sugar
2 cups (500ml) boiling water
60g butter, chopped

1.Preheat oven to moderate (180°C/160°C fan-forced). Grease a 2 litre (8-cup) shallow ovenproof dish.

2.Combine flour, sugar, butter, milk and dates in a large bowl; mix well. Spread the mixture into the prepared dish.

3.CARAMEL SAUCE: Combine all ingredients in a medium heatproof jug, stir until sugar is dissolved and butter melted.

4.Pour Caramel Sauce slowly over the back of a spoon over batter in dish. Bake in a moderate oven for about 40 minutes or until firm in the centre.

Serve immediately with cream or ice-cream, if desired.

Scapular Cake~ We will be making one similar to these ones at Catholic Cuisine
Some other fantastic ideas around:

I would love to at some stage make these Home made Scapulars from Ruth

Catholic Icing has these great Links

I found some lovely Prayers here.

Chaplet of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, assist me in this necessity. O Immaculate Virgin and Star of the Sea, help me and show me that you are my mother and protector. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of heaven and earth. I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to help me in my needs for there are none who can withstand you grace. Pray for me and help me to obtain assistance in this life. Amen.

Say 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Mary's and 3 Glory be's.

Have a Blessed Feast Day



Tiffany said...

God Bless you for all that you share with us, especially on this special feast day.

Gardenia said...

you've got some wonderful thactivities and recipes planned for the feast day. thanks for sharing the recipes especially and the prayers. Happy blessed feast day!

Gardenia said...

Gae, I'm happy to send you the code for making the scrolling button roll for your sidebar. The comment box won't let me send you the HTML code, so I'll send it to you in an email (the one on your sidebar).


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