Saturday, June 15, 2013

These Days!!

Some days it is about the things we have achieved!
How I enjoy those days when they happen, when we have hit all our requirements and life seems to be full of great things.

Sadly these days at the moment are not as many as I would like.
These days seem to be days of simply getting the basics of living done and then seeing what else we can fit in.
These days seem to be a constant round of being behind in what we can do as opposed to what we would like to do.
These days it seems we are dogged by worries that seem to escalate and by people who make our life choices harder by their own selfishness and greed.

These days it seems our Faith is being tested and our lives are constantly in the 'fires of purification'  but with no real spiritual, financial or lifestyle change for us.

However in all this- the things I am grateful and thankful for each day, is the everyday beauty I have in my family life.
The joy I have in the hearth of my home.
The absolute completeness in my role as wife, mama and homemaker.

If nothing else these facts keep me grounded.
The sharing of my life with those I love and the unconditional love I have in return is something  I cherish and treasure.

I know that the little choices and opportunities to share and be there for our children is a part of my life that can make my day so much sweeter, if only I will let it.
No where else will I have the joy of helping little souls and know that at least for a while our lives are so bound together.

And of course some of the sweetest words I hear, even on those most trying and most difficult of days, even those days when I think I have failed our children because we have not done all our lessons, we are behind on our chores and we can't afford to buy anything until payday.
The words that make my heart melt  are these:
Mummy I love you!
Indeed these days are to be cherished!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kim said...

Yes, those are the sweetest and most blessed words a mother will ever hear. Thank you Gae for sharing your heart - lovely testimony.
God bless you,

Kelly Casanova said...

We all need to remember this Gae, thank you for the reminder.
God bless



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