Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saint Joseph celebration---sort of.

Today we SORT OF celebrated the solemnity of St Joseph.
We had great plans(again)but reality put in it's big nose again, just like Pinocchio's. We had to jump start the second car to take it in to the auto- electrician, after, I sent Kynan down to the nearest petrol station with the last $10 in my wallet and 3 fuel cans to put the petrol in because said car that needed jump starting had no petrol to get to the auto-electrician.

This was after the "water-man" came with 7000 litres of water for our tank, after coming 2 days ago. Why was he coming again you ask, well because our washing machine had managed to drain about 5000 litres in one afternoon, and one of our children kept filling it up without realising what was happening.

Needless to say Hubby who is working interstate and cannot do anything about the problem was not impresses with having to buy water again so soon. He also had the 2 older boys pulling the washing machine apart late last night and taking photos and e-mailing them so he could try and work out what was wrong. As it turns out there wasn't? anything wrong but that did not stop Stephen from imagining the cost of repairs. After our refrigerator was out of service last week and was returned to us with a nice repair bill it is a bit hard not to see the coffers draining with the constant repairs that seems to be happening.
I had planned on making the Virtual 3-D altar and reading a nice picture book as well as making a Felt saint and of course making those Cream Puffs from Catholic Cuisine but all we really did was make my own version, (simple and quick) of the cream puffs.
Here is what we did : We used bought puff pastry cut out round shapes with a cookie cutter put 2 together and glazed with milk and sugar. We then put them in the oven to cook and when cooled cut them in the middle and filled them with jam and whipped cream.

Not as impressive as the original idea but no-one seemed to mind as we ate them.

Does anyone else have these sort of celebrations? Just curious!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Gae yes my family of 8 often has better plans than reality! But the fun is in the trying.

Erin said...

Now I can SEE your puffs I should have made them.


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