Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello there!!

The days pass and our life keeps moving.
There are twists and turns that we don't expect but that life of ours keeps moving ever forward and what we are able to accomplish varies.
So again I find that the season of my life at the moment means that I just don't get here as often as I like.
I still have many partial completed posts of what we are doing in our lives. I have been making lots of the home made health and beauty recipes. Some for the colds we have had others to use as hair and body cleaning products, which I would love to share but just don't get around to doing
 I have been spending as much time as I can helping our emerging readers and spending time being there for them,
Stephen and I have spent some time working out how we can spend more time with each other and then individually with each of our children each month.
We felt that as our children get older and tend to spend m ore time away form our home it actually is harder to spend quality time with each child.

Hence we have re-instituted family board game night, each week, that is preceded by a family meeting at least once a month and more if needed.

Since starting this we have had quite a few small outings out both of us with several of the older children.
One of the ways that I spend time with the little ones is at bedtime.
Even though our bed time routine is not what it has been in the past or as I would like it to be still, I do spend time with our little ones getting to sleep.
These two especially often get cuddled to sleep and we listen to 'sleepy music' or The Rosary on my phone as they nod off into dream land.
Of course there are nights I drift off too :)
Like I said I have been making our home made products for out health and I do still share bits and pieces on my Instagram. It is very easy to post just a pic with a few words. Sometimes that  means writing a blog post about things seems so much harder.
I mean writing a WHOLE post can take more time and so we have a cycle of non posting too.
 Vellvin and I are also trying to eat more Trim Healthy Mama and have been discovering many interesting and exciting foods.
It certainly has made me feel as if I am missing out on favourite foods and we have fond so many that we absolutely love. For example the baked custard above is soooooo delish!!

With the warmer weather we have been  spending time out side again.
Lots of water play again and I have never know a child that did not want to wash their own bike.
Really I think it is just an excuse for  getting wet, Seriously though I don't really mind that. I so enjoy the children playing outside and anything that encourages that I am am all for.
We also went through a stage of making tents for picnics and play and these are just a couple of version that the children came up with.
We have had a Confirmation and a First Holy Communion which required preparation for four of our children as well as two white dresses to be made for Moran and Myffwyn.

Life is busy, life is a challenge, life is a Blessing and like everyone else we prioritise for those things that are most important. Therefore I am thankful to be sharing it with those most special people in my life- my family!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Confirmation for Rogan and Moran

Last week we were blessed to have two of our children, Rogan and Moran, receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Traditional Latin Rite.

Leading up to this time has been a wonderful and yet challenging experience.
Challenging in the fact that I have been preparing them (mainly Rogan- more on this in a minute) using our plans from previous children and then we had a few extra lessons with Father prior to the Confirmation. These challenges were mainly in  trying to memorise lessons and also realising the seriousness of what being a soldier for Christ actually means.

We gave  children  the choice of being confirmed in the Traditional Latin Rite or within the Novus Ordo Rite.
They clearly choose the former. 
The reason for giving them the choice is that we attend both of these Masses and while we love the beauty of the Latin Mass we are still willing to attend Novus Ordo.
Preparations at home also meant preparing each of the children a traditional iced fruit cake, as each of their older siblings have had.
Simple but effective. They both had the colour ribbon of their choice and a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit.
On Moran's I also added the same flowers that were on her Confirmation Dress.
Making each of the girls their own dress for Confirmation (and First Holy Communion) is something I have done each time. Ieven finished this one with time to spare :)
Moran's dress was quite a simple  and we used her favourite colour- purple to add embellishment to it.
I hand sewed on each of the purple petals along the hem line and then sewed a french knot in the center of each petal for added effect.
The girls have all had Coronets made for this occasion and I love the fact that they still love to wear them afterwards. Moran's I simply put new ribbons on to use again. However I will be making Myffwyn one for her First Holy Communion next month too.
Rogan dressed in his suit with a new tie. Sadly boys don't get the whole new dress thing but hey he did look handsome still!
The Confirmation and then High Solemn Mass was so very, very beautiful,  (extra and better photos are here) and truly brought home the many symbolic meanings of the Mass that you do not see every day.
Moran had Anna-Lisa as her sponsor and took the confirmation name of Dymphna - no surprise there as St Dymphna has been her special saint for many years.
Rogan took the name of Maximilian-Michael, two powerful intercessors, and had a family friend as his sponsor.
A very fuzzy group shot of the twelve newly confirmed children and the Bishop,Clergy and altar boys.
Yes, yes, cuteness factor- I had to add this one. Arwen wanted to wear Eden's coronet to the Confirmation.
The Bishop spoke to each of the children after the Mass and that was lovely to see. I missed Rogan talking to him, but apparently The Bishop loved Rogan's tie.
He was also very open to individual photos after the Mass as well. The Bishop has a very real and personal way that I have seen displayed each time I have seen him interacting with the children. He certainly gave a very comprehensive talk to the children for about 45 mins prior to the confirmation on the fact that Confirmation was a life long commitment to Christ God, being a soldier for Christ and the fact they need to have a living faith daily through the use of prayer, bible reading and the Sacraments.
Beautiful girls! Can you see our grandchild there too?
Rogan and his sponsor. Thank you!!
Presentation of certificates after we had eaten the bring and share dinner.
Cutting of the communal Confirmation Cake with Father.
It was a very long night of socialisation and then clean up. I think we got home about 12 midnight.
So the whole cutting of the individual Confirmation cakes did not happen till...........
Yesterday, Sunday after Mass again. So Rogan and Moran were again dressed up.
So cutting the cake for Moran
and Rogan.
Before cutting the cake we sing these words to the tune of Happy Birthday-
May God Bless you this Day,
May God Bless you we pray,
Live for Jesus dear........
May you serve Him always!!

And may we live for Jesus this day and always too!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This Year's Spring Seasons Displays

As the year cycles on, faster than I can believe, we are certainly enjoying the Spring season that has come around again. 
We have seen lots of new life in the animals around us, not only our own but also in the countryside as well.

The  flowers are blossoming all over and it is such a joy to enjoy the beauty of  God's creation each and every day as we are spending more and more time outdoors.
In our family circle that means it is also an opportunity to continue celebrating Spring inside our home and thus it is time to change our seasonal display areas too.
Mrs Thaw has arrived to usher in Spring and help King Winter on his way back to the Winter castle, and the root children are gradually being replaced by the flower children.
As I enjoy creating new additions to the seasons tableau  I had decided to make a Spring Flower Fairy using one of my peg dolls I had painted earlier in the year and not done anything with as yet.
The obvious first step to me was to paint on some spring flowers and some hair,
then place her with the Spring postcard and candle and she could stay a Spring Lady, but.........
if I add some felt wings and a flower bonnet  you now have a Spring Flower Fairy!!!
Isn't she pretty??
Next put  all the daily Seasonal things together that we use and you have one area complete.
Phase two is to add all our other seasonal bits n pieces to our other seasonal area and we are ready to celebrate the beauty of this season.

Obviously as the season moves on we tend to change and add or subtract from the display to suit our needs and desires, however I must say that I truly love being able to create and have the beauty of this display in our home.

Blessings to you and your homes,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Ridiculous Really!!

It is ridiculous!!
I can't believe I let it happen.......again!!
The ridiculousness of it started working on me causing me to second guess and worry about the fact that I hadn't done what I said I would.

Perhaps you have never done it but I know I have done it before and I should have see the signs,before it got so embedded in my thinking.
It happens when I am passionate about some thing and truly feel that I am meant to do a task or to share these 'noble thoughts' with others.

But then because  I live and love an everyday life, that life steps in and changes my priorities. Even though my passion is still there God has asked me to use that passion in other ways for the time being. So even though I still feel that passion it isn't appropriate to follow the original course of action I had planned on.

So what caused such a stir in my heart that I let it take hold?
Really, I hesitate to share it because it really isn't that big a deal. It is a minor event in the grand scheme of my life and yours too.
Yes a little event in my life that you had probably not even remembered I said it. However I let it be a big deal for me when I know it is not an earth shattering event that will change the course of history.

I let it change history though because I let what others think, yep, that's you guys at the moment, or rather what I perceived others would think,  dictate my own actions.

I can't believe I actually wrote that!

I rarely allow others expectations to guide my actions and in fact can often deliberately choose to not follow 'standard' ways of acceptable behaviour or actions.
In fact I know my beloved can remember this as one of my most endearing qualities, memorable qualities from our days at school even.

I believe it is important to know where each of us stands on issues of importance and be prepared to take a stand regardless of what others think of us.
A quote I often say to our children -
"Right is right even when no one else is doing it.
Wrong is wrong even when everyone else is doing it"

We have to make sure that we are not affected by others perceived thoughts and thus allow those thoughts to change how we do things, how we react and how we live our lives.

I sadly let this happen, in a small way, that changed my behaviour in a way I feel is ridiculous  now.

But it has also allowed me the privilege of reflecting on my own response to this and then choosing to look at how important this is in my own life and strengthening my resolve in not letting others or how I perceive others think and/or act to affect my own choices and actions in this- MY LIFE.

What was the event in my life that caused this reflection?
Such a minor one really.
I felt compelled to write a series  of posts (and still do) about being a Queen of My Castle. I feel this is an important role for women of our generation to be encouraged in our roles as Keepers of the Heart- Homemakers.
As part of that series I had several life events that I wanted and still do want to share.
I said I would share Part 2 very soon and had every intention of doing that.

I did however know this was a 'thinking post' as I call them and my life at the moment had not allowed me to have what I know, for me to be, proper thinking room.
Fair enough!
That's life!

What I did then though was not!
I allowed the thought that your my readers would expect that post and therefor that was all I could write on.
Ridiculous! Again yes!

First off  I mostly write to encourage and share about our life as an everyday family living in that 'non exciting world of actual real life' that most of us inhabit. I do like to share how we take the joy of everyday and build memories together, because that is how we live our life.
I let my perceived ideas or opthers thoughts take this from me and I felt I could not write anything else till I had written this post.

Until I started to think about it and then I could see that I hadn't shared the joys of what we had been doing in our lives and saw how long it was between posts.
Because I allowed this to happen I let the joy I have in sharing those ideas here be stolen away, I allowed not following my heart because I didn't want you (others) to say " she didn't do what she said she would."

Such a trivial event and yet it can if let go cause great distress.
I know not to let it happen again.
Not here in my corner of bloggyland and not in my 'everyday' life either.

I know I need to be strong. To stay focused on what is important to me and to  life my life to the fullest!
So I would ask how about YOU?

"All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
A time to kill, and a time to heal. A time to destroy, and a time to build.
A time to weep, and a time to laugh. A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather. A time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces.
A time to get, and a time to lose. A time to keep, and a time to cast away.
A time to rend, and a time to sew. A time to keep silence, and a time to speak.
A time of love, and a time of hatred. A time of war, and a time of peace.
What hath man more of his labour?
I have seen the trouble, which God hath given the sons of men to be exercised in it.
 He hath made all things good in their time, and hath delivered the world to their consideration, so that man cannot find out the work which God hath made from the beginning to the end.
And I have known that there was no better thing than to rejoice, and to do well in this life.

For every man that eateth and drinketh, and seeth good of his labour, this is the gift of God."
Ecclesiastes 3: 1-13

Blessings to you and your homes,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Elegant Picnic: Tasha Tudor Style

Our Tasha Tudor day this year consisted of a lovely Elegant outdoor picnic with our  lovely tea cups.
Unlike last year when we hosted our Doll Fair we have had such a busy time lately that I didn't feel we could have such an elaborate event.
Hence our more sedate celebration of Tasha Tudor Day.

It was fairly late in the day when we actually got around to having this little ceremony and so the sun was setting.
However it did provide a beautiful backdrop for our Elegant picnic.
The children who were home and I carried our quilt, teacups and teapots.
We also took out some of my most special Tasha Tudor books and I wanted to read as we sipped tea, or coffee in my case :)
Our basket of Chocolate Sultana Sourdough 'fun buns'  was late in arriving as they were  in the oven cooking. So when we were ready to eat them they were hot and yummy and quickly disappeared.
As for any table decoration or as it were an Elegant picnic you need to have some flowers.
I thought a vase might be in order but the younger ones picked them and put them in  a basket which as it turns out was better as we had a few moments of near spills. So the vase would probably tipped over as well.
I like the basket of flowers better anyway!!
I was only able to read from a few of the shorter picture books as we started to run out of day light and the younger ones were getting restless.
A is for Annabelle, Five Senses,  Pumpkin Moonshine, were the ones we managed before the wild ones ran off and the light faded.
It was lovely having our tea party outdoors and have the children listen.
These two girls are looking so like each other now too.
Moran just had to put flowers in her hair out of the basket.
She is such a fashion designer with a lot of flair!
Me I totally LOVE tea cups and really enjoyed having special crockery outside.
I will be doing this again with any children who are interested........perhaps Rogan.
The other children had a look at some of the books although Myffy and Moran have just started reading The Hobbit and just had to bring  that book along too.
Laying down on a blanket outside to read with a is so good.
Drinking Tea!!!
More please???
Earlier in the day I had a lovely time in the kitchen, which I think is a very Tasha activity.
I made this Sourdough Fruit Cobbler, sourdough bread (stage one) the Chocolate 'fun buns,' muffins, buttermilk and strained my Greek yogurt.
It really was the day for picnics as the younger children wanted to have a picnic lunch as well and took their lunch outside with a table cloth.

Was this a memorable celebration of all the things I associate with Tasha Tudor and therefore want to celebrate and emulate in my life?

I do think it was and frankly I so loved the Elegant Picnic I know I will be doing this again.

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!

Blessings to you and your homes,
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