Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in our Home

On the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Well we have not been achieving much in our Advent season this year, the only thing we seem to be managing are the Feast days.
This is what we did for Our Lady of Guadalupe this year.

Ever since Alice posted this Lady of Guadalupe Tea we have had this wonderful tea. It is the other favourite tea that our children look forward too.
In fact we have done quite a few of Alice's tea as we love to incorporate food into many of our celebrations.
We usually do some other activities and read this book

but we did nothing other than the food and when I suggested that perhaps we could skip it this year, there were the stirrings of a mutiny, so we put it together and enjoyed it as we usually do.

So here is the Tea as set out and what the items represent.
We also had dinner with this and had the our family at least Beef Burritos.
For a more detailed explanation of the Tea see the link above to Alice's blog.A little of everything
Aztec Chocolate and "Build me a Church"
Heavenly Rose Punch and Praying Hands
Crescent Moons
Bishop Zumarraga's Mitre
A Mantle of Stars
Spread out on the table
Juan Diego's Sombreros

Crushed Serpents
Tepeyac Hill amongst other goodies.
Still waiting!
The Tilma of Roses
Ham roses for the Tilma's
Tilma's cut out
Center decoration with rose candles and roses spread around the other felted banner
This is our very lovely wall panel that I hemmed and backed with felt like the St Nicholas ones I did. We also have 2 smaller ones as well.


RoseRemember, O most gracious Virgin of Guadalupe, that in your apparitions on Mount Tepeyac you promised to show pity and compassion to all who, loving and trusting you, seek your help and protection.
Accordingly, listen now to our supplications and grant us consolation and relief. We are full of hope that, relying on your help, nothing can trouble or affect us. As you have remained with us through your admirable image, so now obtain for us the graces we need. Amen.



Kendra Logan said...

What cool food! Wow, neat ideas.


Evann said...

Thank you, Gae, for sharing thsese wonderful Guadalupe feast day ideas! Where did you find the OLG banner that you hemmed? I love it! Hope you 2010 feast is just as exciting.

Unknown said...

Wow! That is quite a feast for your feast day celebration! I love using food to make our days more special. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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