Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Season's Table

After taking down the Christmas decorations we have arranged our seasonal display.
It always seems a bit odd that we go to the Summer decorations after Christmas as the decorations and images are all winter types.

Above is the Seasonal Pin board with the start of our Decorating. We will add to this as we progress through Summer
Nevertheless here is our summer Seasons Display. Mother Earth has all the flower children to keep her company.
The Seasons Table is alive with mermaids, shells and sea-weed among the waves. Bees are buzzing around the hive and lady beetles are resting on leaves. Some lovely shells collected from the beach are added as well.
The Summer silk cloths at the back of the table add a refreshing touch.

We will be putting up the All seasons wreath as soon as we can get a ladder inside to reach up to the cathedral ceiling. Please boys!



Ruth said...

You have a very creative family, Gae.


Cindy said...

Very creative.

The Watts Family said...

Very Cute Love all the colors! This is a wonderful idea ~blessings Heather


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