Thursday, April 29, 2010

Autumn Mushrooms

We have had quite a few mushrooms come up with the rainfall over the last few days. We have a Winter rainfall here,
As part of the children's Nature Notebooks they need to draw some of the nature on our property 2-3 times per week.

They have been drawing these wonderful examples of mushrooms.

We have also looked them up and think some are edible....BUT we will NOT be eating them to be on the safe side. We will record them for future use and the children have done wonderful reproductions of them.



Cinnamon said...

That is sooo neat. We have been seeing lots of mushrooms on trees along a walking path. It's so fun to research and find out what lies all around us in our little town.

I love how your children learn so naturally~


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Oh, what amazing mushrooms! Do you mean that all of these varieties grow on your property? They are very beautiful, and what a science lesson!

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Gae said...

So glad you enjoyed our Mushrooms. We do have all these on our property adn some more as well.
I also love it when the childrn really get into a project on their own.
Thanks Cinnamon and Jillian for your lovely comments


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