Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preparing for the Day

This morning as I was preparing for day, you know getting dressed before the baby needed me, I was pondering the preparations that I tend to make each day to achieve this physically.

Not the spiritual preparations that I need to sustain me each day but the outward side that is seen by anyone I come in contact with.

Now I know that we as christian women should not dwell too much on our outward appearance BUT I also believe we are ambassadors for Christ and that as such we should present our best physical appearance as well for most people will judge us on our appearance and we should give them some interest in seeing what it is about us that is worthy of note.

Now I also believe that as a home maker I spend most of my time in the home surrounded by those special persons God has placed in my life and as such I should present a worthwhile image to them as well.
For these are the most special people in my life and so I should dress and be well presented for THEM as much as I would for an guests or for going out into the world.

Most of the time I achieve this by wearing clothes that do not require me to get changed if I need to make a quick trip to town or if someone arrives unannounced on our doorstep. I wear shoes as well ( boots actually) because I feel incomplete with out my shoes on.

My wardrobe is by no means extensive or excessive: my standard of dress involves a skirt (usually quite long) a skivvy or long sleeved blouse in the winter or t-shirt/ shirt sleeve blouse in the summer.
I also wear a cardigan in the winter and have a lovely selection at the moment built up over some years.
I also have pull on jumpers (or sweaters for my American friends) that once again I have had for some years. When I am not breast feeding a baby I also wear dresses!
This for me is my 'uniform' so to speak. I add my apron when cooking and doing other jobs that require it and am quite content and even feel very homey and fulfilled in this 'uniform.'

I wear make up most days and am trying to get back into the habit of everyday. For many women this isn't a staple but for me it is one of those things where I feel more confidant and 'finished' with make up on too. I have had times when I let this slip and I know it when one of the younger children ask me if I am going out if they see me putting make up on.

When I have made all these physical transformations I feel ready to take on the day with all its challenges and all it's joys.
I am prepared for battle.

I feel that this is another area of LACE management for me because due to the  imperfect person that I am I find that the qualities that Trish asks us to adhere to, those being .........
Philippians 4:8 Whatever is..Lovely. Admirable. Cheerful. Encouraging. ~ LACE
that I am more able to stay focused on these qualities and share the positive that results from this with the precious and very dear people in my life.

I would ask you if you would share how you manage your LACE to be all that God has called you to.
Joining in Trish this week....
Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

It is in the details that we seem to find the most comfort.

I too get dressed for the day...and an apron is a must!



Barb said...

Hi Gae,
Thank you for you words of encouragement -- I needed to hear what you are saying today.
It is important to present ourselves well and be prepared for whatever the day may bring.
I have to confess that I often keep my 94yo Mum company and stay in my pyjamas and dressing gown all day. What is appropriate at 94 is not always ok for 69.
I actually was up and dressed (in proper clothes) this morning before mum got up. When she saw me dressed she asked me if I was going out.(just like your children and your make-up) Relaxing in the dressing gown is definately a no-no from now on.
Thank you, for your wise words.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Vicky said...

Hi Gae, I've visited your lovely blog, a few times, and I felt I should thank you for the inspiration and ideas that I've picked up, while I've been browsing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your creativity. God bless you and your family:) Vicky

ccc said...

You are so right! We must be good examples for our children, especially our daughters who will be running their homes one day.
How many times I was happy that I was completely dressed with fixed hair and make-up when someone came to the door, or when I have had to run out of the house to the ER/doctor office(for stitches and broken bones)
Also, I think we owe it to our husbands to look nice!

Trish said...

As usual dear Gae, you've written a lovely and inspiring post for LACE!
I also wear some make-up every day, and dress so as not to be embarrased to seen by neighbours or unexpected visitors.
As you only takes a nice skirt, a modest top and a little grooming to be ladylike and ready for the day!
Children are very quick to notice if we dress in something that looks more "put together", and that often makes them assume we must be leaving the house lol!
My boys were like that too :-)
It makes us stop and think about the picture we are painting for them, doesn't it?!
You are right..we should always try to give our best to the ones we live with and love so tenderly.
Looking nice for them is an expression of that love :-)
Thanks for linking this to LACE.
Hope you are and your precious dumpling are doing well.
God bless you, my lace-loving friend..

Anonymous said...

I try to make it a rule to not leave my room before i am dressesd. If i leave the room in my "jammies" and start the day it's around noon before I have a chance to really get dressed. I usually wear a jean skirt, some comfortable shoes and put on a bit of make-up. I have been trying to curl my hair a bit too and it really doesn't take me too long.

Payback? I was visiting family and wearing my normal flowy kinda of skirt and my hair was pinned up with curls and my niece (2 yrs old at the time) referred to my as the "princess" and actually said goodbye that way,, "goodbye princess". That made my day.

My daughter (2 yrs old) always says to me,' that's a pretty dress mommy!"

I do notice with repair men and people in the store that I am given a different "almost genteel" respect when I make sure to dress this way.


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