Thursday, April 12, 2012

Corbyn's Birthday in Collage

Yesterday was the biggest day, well outside of Christmas and Easter of course, for our sweet little Corbyn.

It was a day filled with much excitement from the time he went to bed the evening before right up till bedtime last night.

One of the joys I have with this little boy is his passion for everything he does.

First thing in the morning he asked if he could go down stairs and look at his  breakfast table and things.
Next thing I know he is racing back upstairs and leaning over me (yes I was still in bed) and telling me 'thank you so much for my St Nicholas, I love him,' well you can't wake up to a better greeting than that now can you.

His day was full of playing with all his new toys and we went from a Jedi Knight to a tool man to a fighting Nerf Gun warrior back to my sweet little boy again.

It was our first birthday since going Grain 'n' Sugar FREE and we will be revisiting the birthday way we do some to the things again before we have our next one.

In fact Corbyn requested a "Chipmunk Birthday." He has been planning it for many, many months!  Would you believe  the only grain free aspect of the day was surprisingly.... the CAKE,  minus the small amount of decorating on top. (I used this recipe with modifications)
The menu that Corbyn requested was:
Breakfast ~Toaster Waffles with maple syrup and 'chipmunk cream', ie whipped cream from a can
Lunch ~ Traditionally the party bags and whatever you want to eat.
Dinner ~ McDonald's cheese burgers and chips (fried at home)
           ~ 'Super Cool Energy Health Drinks' again like the Chipmunks have

Snacks ~ Chipmunk Cheese Balls ie, Cheetos (which did not get eaten until today though)

Birthday Cake ~ A six shape with chocolate cars on top,Yea like we needed more chocolate this close after Easter

At the end of the day we had a very happy little birthday boy, but sad and lets say hyperactive little guy too, due to the excess of wheat and sugar.

Did he enjoy his day?
You bet!
I just love it when year after year our little ones say
"this is my best birthday EVER, Mummy, thank you"

Blessings to you and your homes,


Leanne said...

Wow Gae, What a day. Congratulations to little Corbyn on yet another Blessed Birthday. God Bless Leanne

softearthart said...

Wonderful pictures memories to keep. cheers Marie


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