Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grain 'n' Sugar Free Menu Plan -2

Our next Fortnight Menu~
we have been winging it since our first menu and are starting to become a bit stale and trying to work it out on the fly. So in the spirit of keeping  everything in order here is our next menu

Soaked Oats
4 bacon and eggs.
Sleepy Banana  Muffin Smootie we have enjoyed these since we started
Pancakes cream and fruit
Boiled eggs

Salad: pretty much what we have been having mostly it usually consists of -lettuce/ diff types, capsicum, tomato, cucumber celery, sultanas, beans, cauliflower, cabbage etc) with this mayonaise which is very very nice. I also sue it to dunk chips in too.
Cheese or eggs or tuna
Our own version of vegetable soup, sometimes with chicken. (Recipe to follow)
Home made chips
Grain Free Indian flat bread and chicken and  salad
Grain Free Pita Bread similar recipe to above recipe ( when we made this it was more like a pancake)
Grain Free Raisin Bread
Grain-free Almond Bread with cream and jam

Fruit or berry crumble:
got this from a face book friend
can use frozen berries to make crumble
put thick layer of berries or other fruit in a baking dish, drizzle with honey, sprinkle with a tiny pit of coconut flour (approx TBS) Mix together equal amount of almond flour and butter, add another TBS or two of  coconut flour, pinch salt cinnamon, honey to taste, maybe a little vanill.
Drop over berries in bits.
Cook at 350 until edges are bubbling and topping slightly browned.
Whip up heavy cream to serve with.

Fruit Crumble but use this as a basic recipe

Morning tea~
yougurt and Peaches -
chocolate chip cookies
Fruit straps
Grain Free Oatmeal Cookies these are really good
Pop corn with butter (not strickly grain free but oh so good)

for self so don't lose it chai

Chicken with Olives and Prunes
Pizza -grain free
Corned Beef  with mashed potato and veg
Potato and bacon bake with vegs
Sizzle steak with baked potato and other baked vegies  x2
Chips and fish x2
Meat and vegetable stew
Fried chicken with 'slater' potatoes
Homemade Chicken soup x2
Rissoles (our own recipe)
Stir fry beef or chicken stir fry

Blessings to you and your homes,


Angel said...

I'm glad you posted this menu, Gae. I had wanted to ask you if you completely grain and potato free or if you were including some starches. Do the oats, potatoes, etc. seem to affect the behavior of your more hyperactive children? I'm trying to tweak our diet. We were eating almost totally grain/starch free, then had some problems and added quite a bit back in, but I saw a return of hyperactivity. Sugar, of course, is the worst enemy. But I'm trying to find a happy medium where we can all be healthiest and happiest.

Gae said...

Dear Angel,
We have never actaually eliminated potatoes from our new diet. Frankly the cost of not having them was just not a possibility for us.
some weeks we have more than others and I think we feel a bit heavy with them, but I have not noticed any hyperactivity with them.
What I have noticed is the behavioural problems become evident and not only with the little ones when we have sugar (chocolate our favourite) and the few times we have had wheat products.

We are only now introducing oats and I have been soaking them after reading Nourishing Traditions. Have you read this? I am in the process of evaluating if soaking and fermenting of grains will be a positive thing for us. I would be open to discussion about this verses entirely grain free if you have an opinion.

I do think we have to find what works for our families and not feel obligated to just do it because others say so.
I have been encouraged by your own journey with this too

Lady Jill said...

I made the chocolate chip cookies today. Sadly I found them rather flat. Did you as well? The taste was very good. I had to use maple syrup as I was out of agave... I don't know if that made the difference or not.
Just wondering how your turned out.

The other recipes I have tried, my boys have LOVED. So thank you so much for this!


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