Monday, April 23, 2012

Play Spaces in our Home -Part 2: Moran's House

When an activity takes our children outside and they spend literally hours, in fact most of the day playing this game I can't help but be so happy for them in this pursuit.
It is a joy to see the imagination as they build new and interesting places using materials that come to hand and  bringing new 'friends' into the game with them.
Rogan was given the grand tour  of this lovely new home.He is actually making the movie after Moran tried to give a tour and have herself in the movie as well. She did fairly well but then Rogan offered to take it for her.
A garden made to enjoy for a time. It think this was re-done a few times.
The beauty of these type of games is the joy in making and remaking that is an essential part of the game. in fact sometimes more so than the actual playing in afterwards.
A dear friend for the day.....a special fuzzy friend Moran is looking after for her special big brother while he is away from home. It does not matter he has been in storage for years, the fact Kynan is away means this little guy needs looking after by Moran, she has a very caring and gentle heart!
You definitely need a pathway to the front of your home.
Please leave your items in this convenient basket
Are these play spaces permanent?
Of course not but while they last they provide a very real and important part of our children's education. Out side, making and imagining, using their gifts to create a beautiful memory for the future!
What more can a child ask for....

Blessings to you and your homes,

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