Monday, December 24, 2012

Off to Bethlehem...........

This year we have been blessed to be able to attend a wonderful event of "Going to Bethlehem" put on by one of the parish's in our Wagga Wagga Diocese.
 It has been one of the vents we have been anxiously awaiting to attend as a family this year and so we were thrilled to be able to go and see this production  for indeed it was a production as there were so many themes to see as part of the event that were represented by volunters throughout the night.
One of the great things I loved was the fact it was a $5 family entry fee and there was NO interpretation of what a family should be by family size!!!!
 There were many things for the children to be involved in - making rope, making paper, amking gift tags, and bracelets. Also wood workers made little toys for the children and all these were part  of the entry very generous and memorable.
 The live animals were very cool and the dressed up people were very authentic .

 Free tasting of grage juice or wine if you were an adult and unleavened bread. The challenge being to keep the kids from the wine!!

 Our children were fascinated by crushing the grain and had many turns at this. Great exercise! I wonder how I can get one of these at home for my very active children.

 Of course the manger scene being the reason we are all here.

 AS it was at a school it had some lovely  Advent displays and I love this St Nicholas.

 One of the very patient wood workers
 Hebrew school

 A Hebrew home

 I did not know that camels growled!
Trahaearn kept growling at them as we walked out and they growled at him too. It was so funny.

 A very cool paper machie, cardboard and other light materials well. The children loved turning the handle too.
 One of the wise men
 King Herod and a wise man
 King Herod's domain
The small chariot was hugely popular with our kids

And a beautiful baby on this Christmas Eve I pray you enjoy your own journey to Bethlehem.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

wowwwwwwww so nice to see all these old style pictures :)
thanks so much for share!
Merry Christmas for all your family!!!

Anonymous said...
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