Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn Along: 7th September

I have finally completed project to share for Yarn Along this week. I am joining Ginny and others sharing what I have been creating.
Yes I have sewn up on of my gnomes that have been in my last few yarn along posts.
I am so pleased to have this done for our little dumpling.
 We have called him Mossy Atlas, Autumn came up with this very cute name.
Isn't this a very cute picture of Trahaearn with his Mossy Atlas.

Anyway the reading I have been doing this week is from the books
A Little Way of Homeschooling and Homeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling,that have been loaned to me by the lovely Sue .

They really have helped me in my thinking process of where we are at and how we educate our children, this has led to my reviewing and looking at the education of our children and how it suits us NOW. I have started a series on this that I will be adding to over the next few weeks The Gentle Art of Home Schooling

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project: Knitted and Felted Elf Slippers. The wool is big and chunky and it is fast to knit. I would have made more progress except I have been working on Autumn's Deb Dress.

I expect to make quite fast progress over the next week though. 
So have a great  week with your own Yarn projects.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

The gnomes are adorable! Your little tyke looks so sweet with it :) What a perfect gift idea.

Kristen said...

Sorry...forgot to add my name to the comment I just posted :)

Nadja said...

Hello, Gae,
The little gnome doll is very sweet! I, too, read A Little Way of Homeschooling, and it has been quite an influence on me. We have always sort of fallen into unschooling around Advent and the holiday, and I was always riddled with guilt about it. Now it will just be part of our yearly rhythm. I am not ready for radical unschooling (I think I lack the trust for that!), but we will enjoy a much more relaxed year this year I hope.

Jess said...

What a sweet little gnome!

karen said...

The gnome is so cute and I love the photo of it with your little one :)

Carol said...

The gnome is so cute! I like the name your daughter gave him.

I enjoy catching a glimpse of your thoughts on education and home schooling.

Anonymous said...

Mossy Atlas is very cute, and your little Sugar Lump seems to be enjoying him very well. It's been awhile since I have visited your lovely place, so I was unaware that you were doing various knitting projects. It sounds like you are enjoying them. I may try to learn knitting in the future.

Have a blessed day!

Alisa said...

Your gnome is adorable!!! And so is your little one!! Love the name!! said...

your gnome is great! and i love the felt slippers...what a great idea, thanks for passing along!


Elizabeth said...

Love the gnome and his name! Your books sounds wonderful. We are eclectic homeschoolers who have relaxed so much over the years and have seen a great benefit in it.

Lady Linda said...

So so so cute...and the baby too! You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Cute little gnome!

Sue Elvis said...

Gae, I am looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the gentle art of homeschooling!


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