Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Crafting Journey

For quite some years now I have been called "crafty" by people who know me. I am not original but give me a pattern to follow and I can, I can even improvise on the pattern, but come up with new stuff, not me. I always insist I just follow the patterns, which I do.
However I was not always able to do craft. It has been a gradual increase in skill and diversity of crafts over the last 16 years.
It all started 16 years ago when I was expecting Autumn.
This was Phase 1 in my crafting journey. A friend had a cross stitch wtih a verse and the baby's hand prints on it. I loved the idea and wanted to do it. Because Autumn is our third child however I had to do one for each of the boys preceding her. I did and I loved it. From then on I have done lots of cross stitch.
Phase 2 of the crafting journey was when we lived in outback N.S.W. and I started going to Patchwork quilting classes. Once again I loved it and proceeded to make a quilt for the cradle and cot, so our expected baby Eden would have the benefit of the fruits of my labours.
Since then I have made quilts for all of us, except for Moran and Myffwyn, and of course baby Arwen. I am currently putting together Corbyn's quilt and hope to have it finished before winter sets in. I hadn't done the younger girls quilts as I was waiting to see if we had another girl baby. The three older girls have the same pattern but with different colours and I wanted to do the same for the younger girls.
Phase three has been making things out of felt and Waldorf style items. Either for the children to play with, for the seasons table, liturgical year, for presents or just because I want to try and make something new. I use many of the craft books we have and just pick something new.

There is a problem that arises from all these crafts. The problem being, which will I work on today? That is if I get a chance to choose.
So if you feel craft challenged I would encourage you to get together with some friends with coffee and cake and learn together or from each other.
In fact I would love to come along and join in the fun.

You might find it becomes just a part of your daily life as I have, and because of this I am able to share this with my children. What a way to make memories and enjoy the journey together.

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Erin said...

I feel very inspired now that I re-remember that you weren't always crafty. So there may be hope for me, yes?


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