Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mother and Child

I simply adore pictures of mothers and babies. I always have, I can't help it. I feel all motherly,soft and caring when I see them.
Even more so when it is a picture of Our Lady and Jesus.
I always come back to them when I need refreshing. I think if I could have a scrapbook of all the images I like with mothers, babies and children it would be huge.
For the time being I think I will indulge here.

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mum2twelve said...

I LOVE this picture of the Madonna - here in the US and Canada it is referred to as the Street Madonna - if I remember correctly.
For Years I had it hanging in my kitchen and then it got ruined in one of our moves. I have not had the opportunity to replace it since.
Like you - I LOVE pictures of mothers with babies.
PS found you through 7 little Australians plus one.


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