Monday, March 16, 2009


On my fridge over the years I had collected some lovely illustrations, cards and motivational verses that inspired me during the day when I looked at them. When we moved into this house 4 years ago I took them off the fridge to move and put them in a safe place. Until yesterday I could not find that safe place. I was very excited when I did find it and would over a few posts like to share some of these.

I have tried to scan the picture below but it is too small.
It is a picture of 5 children around a cradle and the words below are

"A cluster of children are pressed round the cot
delighted to welcome the sixth little tot.
Too bad, says the pessimist, shaking his head,
how will they manage for clothing and bread?
Yet somehow the family's able to thrive,
while mother knows how to invent and contrive,
and brothers and sisters can each testify
that love is in full and abundant supply"

I have always loved this verse especially in a world that always seems to question our accepting and our longing for many children. When I first found it we had little baby no 6 and did not know any one with that many children.

I also believe that God has blessed us with those children and we always have enough, sometimes only just enough, but God has always provided and given us extra when needed it and at just the right time.
Also I would like to thank my hardworking and diligent and loving Husband for always looking after us and being in the trenches for us.
I love you Honey.

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