Monday, March 16, 2009

Seasons Table

One if the things I enjoy most about the change of seasons is the change we make to our seasons table and other displays. We have had a seasons table for at least 10 years, when I first read about it in Sarah Ban Brethnachs Mrs Sharps traditions.At the time we had friends who had access to a vineyard. In Mrs Sharps book she recommends making a Seasonal Tree out of grapevine. So we went to the vineyard and collected a heap of vine and brought it home. The instructions said to soak the vine and then to wind it around and through a chicken wire cone shape. This was actually very difficult to do and quite hard on the hands but finally we had the shape.
Now to decorate it.
It was suggested to use different coloured ribbon according to the season and to add doll house miniatures to add interest reflecting the season. The children were also to add anything they collected during nature outings or during play time to the table.

This was the first time I had come across anything to do with seasons tables and decorating with the seasons. We did not have any of the lovely craft books we have now for inspiration. This was my introduction to this type of craft. Up until this time the only craft I had done (and still love to do) was cross stitch, patchwork and quilting. More on crafts in a later post.
Now each season we make something new for the seasons table, in fact I think the table we have is way to small. We use the small table as well as a bread oven nook in our open fireplace, also I have made an all seasons wreath as described in All Year Round. Our last seasonal display is a pin board which has the season name across the top and pictures, postcards and drawn and/or cut up items that represent the season to the children. The seasons board is pretty much the children's own work without any input from me. We also display different types of lights on the balcony above the kitchen area which overlooks the seasons area.

I have, especially over the past 4-5 years made the Waldorf style decorations which I feel are much more fitting and longer lasting, as well as more pleasing to the senses for our seasonal displays. It has been enjoyable to also have the older children able to participate in making things also.
We also use the seasons table for birthdays and decorate it with miniature presents and party favours and toys as well as place the Birthday Bag filled with presents on a chair in front of the table. We set the breakfast table with Bunnikins crockery and put the Birthday Crown( a new one made each year for each child) along with the Birthday Ring in the centre of the table.
Some of the things I and the children have made from these books are: Mother Earth, King Winter, Mrs Thaw, a large spring fairy, Jack Frost, Jill Winter(Jack Frost's wife who is also King Winter's sister), about 6 little frostlings, root children, flower children, autumn leaves, mermaids, gnomes of various sizes and styles, summer fairies and smaller seasonal fairies and the four elements in girl forms.

We use the craft books in our sidebars regularly as I have always been very keen to try many new things. I usually have more projects on the go than I should (More on this later as well).
I have put a few of our recent displays in a slide show on the side bar but thought I would add some pictures here as well.
I do hope that in some way, if you do not have a seasons tale or nature display you may be encouraged to try this worthwhile and satisfying activity.

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Erin said...

It's when I see pictures like this I have to try to be happy with my small house.


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