Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disappointment and Despair !!

What do you do if you are a 12 year old boy and you have just been told that the house has not been sold after nearly 3 weeks of expecting and praying for a positive answer only to be told NO?
Well first you are angry and stomp around the house, you cry, and ask "why isn't God answering our prayers when we have prayed and prayed, and done novena after novena" "Why does God allow us to be separated for so long".

Then you go and chop wood for the fire from the wood pile. When that doesn't reduce the anger and disappointment you tackle a 'green' white gum log with an axe. Chopping and chopping until you accomplish the task and manage to feel better.
This is how we all felt yesterday and on Monday night for some of us when we found out that our potential buyer had been stringing us along ( along with another client) as to the true nature of her purchasing our home.

We are devastated at the news and wonder "How much longer can we endure this".
It isn't like we know when this will end. We have no time frame to work to. No time we can say today is the day we can move.

We do trust in God but our family is despairing over the cost. The cost of time lost together as a family, the time lost in missing those everyday occurrences that Daddy should be a part of. Time when older children need to move on to their own life experiences.

We continue to pray but frankly are finding this hard.
Especially the children who wonder why God doesn't answer their simple prayer of reuniting us as a family, and on my own dark days I wonder too.


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