Friday, May 15, 2009

Autumn Craft

Last week I made an addition to our autumn seasonal table. I made these trees out of pipe cleaners and wrapped them with wool.
I actually did some while driving, well while being a passenger in the car.
I LOVE car craft.
To make them Autumn seasonal I put various shades of orange, red and brown coloured fleece on top of the tree.
On the root section, which holds up the tree I spread 2 different green coloured fleece to disguise the roots a little and give a more realistic look.
I really enjoyed doing this and it was so easy and quick to make.
When I made them though I decided to put them next to our "Sparrow Post" post office that we use on and off and sits on another bookcase in our family room.
Mrs Wren and Miss Robin who are usually in attendance at the post office have been on vacation (ie, Corbyn put them somewhere I can't find) though so aren't in the photo.
The "Sparrow Post" we have taken from Tasha Tudor and her beautiful books and life style which I adore. We also have little letter boxes on each persons door of their bedroom for the Post mistresses to deliver the mail to. Like I said this is a phase that we have times and seasons for depending on who is interested in writing and delivering the mail.
We have had this "Post Office" for a long time. It was one of the first wooden things Braedon ever made for me at least 8 years ago. I am blessed to Have such a talented son to make all these things for me and I am so thankful he does.
The painting on it is my own original work, I am not very artistic but I think it is OK for what we wanted.
Any way I liked the trees so much next to the post Office I have left them there.


Conservamom said...

What a great site! I love the care and love you put into all the activities that you do with your kids. It takes real blessings and grace to do all of this!

Gae said...

Thankyou for saying that. It has really encouraged me today.
God Bless.


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