Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blackout ☺

Last Thursday we had a scheduled blackout from 8:30 am till 3:45 pm.
We received notice of this on Wednesday 24 hours previously.
Due to the fact it is Tasmania and it is the middle of winter and that means 99/100 days are very overcast it was a fairly dim day inside.
Did I mention it was raining, but only enough to prevent the washing from being put on the line. Not enough to fill dams or produce ground water for bores.

So after lunch, about 3pm it was so dark and cold we decided to cuddle up in the family room with our lunch time read aloud, The Heroic Messenger.
Of course this was not a quick thing to initiate.
First we had to get the candles and light them, not for atmosphere ( which we do a lot of) but to be able to actually read the book.
Then some 'bright spark' suggested they get their quillows and pillows. OK you say, but I am sure many of you are familiar with the "jocking for key positions' routine that usually goes along with this type of reading. This did not just occur in the setting up stage but constantly through out the reading time.
Then of course the second 'bright spark' said hey what about some marshmallows, we could roast them on the fire. To this request I said yes to the marshmallows but no to the roasting.
How did it turn out you may ask? Well we did get through a chapter, we did enjoy the time together and as finished reading the power came back on thus ending another episode of enjoying the journey together.

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