Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grain 'n' Sugar Free Menu Plan -1

When I started our new Grain 'n' Sugar FREE lifestyle I made up a fortnight menu for our family. I spent quite a long time searching for replacement snacks and food items to ensure our family did not feel deprived.

Even though we are now 2 weeks into this now, with varying results, and variations in this menu. This is what we used as a base to start with. There is in fact more than we need for a fortnight but it allows for swap and change I think. I will be documenting what we did, what we changed and how each thing worked but for now, here is the start of our food journey.

For a Fortnight -
Bacon and Eggs x4
Yogurt and fruit x4
Pancakes - recipe x2
Cinnamon Bun Muffins -recipe x2
Omelet x1
Caprese Omelet  x1

Salad ( lettuce/ diff types, capsicum, tomato, cucumber celery, sultanas, beans, cauliflower, cabbage etc)
Cheese or eggs or tuna
Banana Bread   x 4 or another type of bread (wheat free)
Regular Grain Free Bread
Raisin Bread x 4
Honey Bread x 4
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Salad x2

*From Erin :
Via these tips, I created a recipe for our future use.
4 cups of veggies (any combination)
2 Cups of Cheese
10 eggs

DINNER ~ 19 possible meals for the fortnight
Peach Chicken (so easy) Crispy Sweet Potatoes  and greens
Rosemary Lemon Chicken (so easy) Slater Potatoes greens
Rosemary Apple Chicken (so easy)
Roast Chicken with Olives and Prunes
Chicken Bites
Paleo Meatballs with sauce
Apple Sage Patties
Fish and Homemade Chips (sour cream and chili sauce)
Vegetable Gratin
Potato Pie using homemade wheat free gravy with carrots, peas and broccoli
Stir Fry meat and veg
Goulash (need a chicken stock with no wheat - home made chicken stock or this one, easier I think)
Bacon and Potato Bake
Rissoles and potato and  Tomato Sauce 
Jacket Potato's with bacon, sour cream, coleslaw cheese
Irish Stew  (gravy recipe)and from from Erin Discovered a tablespoon of chia seeds to 250ml of boiling water makes a lovely thickener for stews)with Yorkshire pudding (need to find a grain free Yorkshire pudding)
Burritos with Salad  grain free tortilla recipe with  sour cream and cheese
Pumpkin Soup with Grain free bread

Microwave popcorn (make own)
Irish Soda Bread - this one does not need to be dairy free for us so I will substitute the buttermilk back in
Chocolate Cake with Honeyed Ricotta 
Gluten Free Apricot Power Bars
Banana/ cherry Frozen Yogurt
Cinnamon Roasted Nuts (if time otherwise just some nuts)
Fig Bars with Ice cream OK the bottom half for a snack and with dates as an alternative
Lemon Curd
Banana Bread
Ginger Cake
Butter Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
Honey Cinnamon Ice cream so simple for Sunday treat
From Erin:
Apple Fruinola: (Serves 10)
12 apples, diced (I core, cut in quarter and process a few apples at a time, into the food processor for half a minute)
Generous handful of almonds
Half a packet of figs (not strict Paleo)
blend up in processor,
Mix all in bowl add some shredded coconut and a cup or so of sultanas
Pie Recipe

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...


Wow! Your menu is impressive. Everything looks so inviting that I can't imagine even missing sugar or gluten.


Anonymous said...

his looks great Gae ! I'd like to hear how your budget has changed , if at all . do you know yet or after a few weeks of shopping ?
cinnamon bun muffins look so good ! I'm glad you linked to some recipes .

Sarah Harkins said...

Your menu looks so yummy! It's really good you are planning so well.
You have a lot of sweets- which maybe just because of the list, but I would try to limit all sugars- even honey and fruit. I think the limit for honey is a couple of tablespoons per person a day and the fruit is one or two recommended per day. So if you add other sweeteners, that even more...

When we stopped using processed food and I was making everything with honey as the only sweetener (plus fruit), it was easy for me to see just how much sweeteners we ate daily- which can be a big determinant to good health.

Gae said...

thanks for that information on sweeteners. We actually did not use all those sweets, I will post an actual fortnight food record. Surprising we did not have lots of cakes and sweets.

Gae said...

Thanks Gina, it has been fairly good

Gae said...

Dear Rox,
Will be doing that on budget and what worked and what didn't

Unknown said...

Great Job Gae! Looks like a good varied menu, to add to what others have said be careful how much dried fruit you use as it is very high in Fructose- you might like to check out Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.

Erin said...

I KNOW how much work and research has gone into this!!! So proud of you:) {{}} It is a huge step to change, and with a large family it sure is not easy.

maria said...

The menu looks wonderful, and I am sure that you are researching, and tweaking to make sure that the tastes are good for everyone.

Like you, I am on a grain free diet now - doctor's orders. Slowly, I am changing all the foods that I ate and replacing with others. My family is not grain free, so it is again, a solitary journey.

Peace be with you today Gae,


Kim said...

Gae, What a wonderful variety of meals and foods! I can imagine this took quite a bit of thought, care, and time to plan. Thank you for sharing it, it is an inspiration.
God bless,

Gae said...

Thanks ladies.
Yes we are reading Sweet Poison Deanne, now we had to wait for it to arrive.

We actually did not eat all those sweet things, this was the plan not the actuality. But I needed for me and the kids to see we would not be deprived.

Thank you Erin and Kim and Maria too ♥


gail said...

Hi Gae,
I have friends who are very much into this new form of eating. You might like to read and watch him on You tube. Just Google Rob Blomfield and you will see his 2 part talk. He discusses a book called Primal body Primal Mind. I am emailing him your blog address, so they can read how you are approaching this.
Blessings Gail.

Gentle Heart Homestead said...

I guess the changes might be a little easier for your family now that we are heading into cooler weather.
Hearty meat and vegies in stews etc. will be welcoming and filling.
Your menu ideas sound great.
Can't see how one would feel deprived on such an interesting diet!
The addition of chia seeds is a good idea.
Nutritious and very handy to use in lots of ways.
Good on you for making the huge effort to help your family to better health!
May God bless all you do to get this on the road :-)
Love ..Trish

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Where do you purchase vegan palm oil shortening from within Australia?

Gae said...

Dear Marcia,
We get ours from the local healthy life health food shop


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