Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small Success 23


1. I actually framed Arwen's name cross stitch. Hooray.

2. We are going really well with the chore and cleaning routine. I have tweaked it a bit but so far it is all good.

3. I started to help Vellvin learn to finger knit and to crochet this week. We are off to a shaky start BUT we are starting.

Bonus 4. I have been keeping a record of my reading to the little ones and am pleased with what I am seeing. The older children are going really well with their lessons. This is once again due to detailed lesson plans I have done for them. Not really my success but theirs.

Well that's my take on Small Successes for this week. For other stories visit Faith and Family



Karen said...

Hi Gae!

I got to your blog from Faith and Family Live! Your blog is beautiful! I noticed you have a Blogger blog, as do I. I also see that you have some headers here that link to different pages.... How in the world did you do that? I want to do that on my blog so I can have that be one of my small successes!!

Thanks and God bless you. You have a wonderful blog and your hands full it looks like!

Judy Dudich said...

Congratulations Gae!
It all sounds wonderful!
What a sweet image to picture you
and your sweet children finger knitting and reading together!
God bless your day!

ViolinMama said...

What a GREAT list!!!! Many blessings to you!!! You always inspire with a great list!!!

God Bless!

Marilyn said...

Yay! Steve managed to get you site up before he went to work. I am leaving it up for later - I am doing eggs and bacon for all the children as the older ones are heading off to orchestra camp soon.

Hurray - I can't wait to catch up!!

Gae said...

Thankyou ladies,
It is always lovely to get encouragement from you all.

Karen, please e-mail me wtih your questions, I would love to help you.

Thankyou Judy, we are trying to progress with it.

Lovely to have you, back ViolinMama,

Yea, Marilyn I am so glad you got it fixed.


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