Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Schooling Graduates

I have been thinking about this over the last few days.
With the excitement and organisation of getting Kynan's enrollment organised. I started thinking over the issues we face as Home Schooling parents and the graduation of our children.

I must admit I was very pleased to be able to say Kynan was starting his University studies and commencing the Bachelor Of Engineering. I was pleased for his own sake. He has done a lot of work with a subject that dose not come easily to him. He has persevered and triumphed.

But then there was that little feeling of accomplishment, that 'see' to those who questioned our choices in Home Schooling. Look we have a University student. We did make the right education is the proof.
Then I continued thinking and thought of our future graduates. Should we be compelled to constantly justify our children and their success by their entry to University, which is how our society rates success.
Does that mean that any who do not go on to Uni are not smart or clever? Does that mean that we failed as Home educators to teach everything they should know? That they would have learned more at "town school" as we call it.
I think we have to be careful as Home Educators not to be caught in the world's standards, simply to show that we do have it right. We must remember that God has given each of our children different gifts and talents. That He calls them to use those talents and gifts as HE wants them to, and not only for our own benefit but for his Glory.

So, as I mull over these thought about our children, I think of the many things Kynan was exposed to by not going to school, away from our home. I think of the blessings all our children have by being Home Educated.
I believe God has called us to this world of Home schooling. He has called us to this for specific and direct purposes. God has been in charge of the Education of our children all along, and it is up to us to be mindful of where he is leading us in the children's education.

So while we may think we have not 'covered it all,' we have been building children of strength and character. We have been raising Saints for the future. We have been building God's Kingdom on earth, one child at at time.
And we have been doing this in the oldest of educational settings ...THE FAMILY, OUR FAMILY, and I am so thankful we have been given this opportunity.
So while Kynan goes forth to make his mark in the world, upheld and directed by his Lord. His younger siblings will continue on the path directed for them. So that when their time comes to "Graduate" from our Home School, they to can be confident in the choices they make and the knowledge that no matter what their choices are they too will have SUCCEEDED.


Karen said...

That was absolutely beautiful and you are right on Gae. You have to remember that there are many, many children in the school setting that don't go on to college. It is definitely something that is meant for some and not others. I finished my bachelor's and then went on to get a Master's. One of my brothers tried school, but dropped out before his first semester... not for him. My other brother got an Associate's degree and then went into the Air Force. We all have different callings. We will always be our children's parents. And they will find their way, regardless of whether they go to college or not. I think the biggest reward for me would be to have one of my three children have a vocation within the Church. I know it would be a sacrifice on my part as well, but I wouldn't be more proud of that. I think we have gotten away from the big picture here as time has gone on. We are not here to go to college. We are here to fulfill God's plan and what He wants for us. He will let us know what that is, somehow, some way. But that in no way diminishes your son's accomplishments to get into a University. You should be very proud. God bless.

rox said...

Hi Gae , I have been following your blog via Anne for a bit
now ;-)
Yes your meditation was spot on !
I came from a family with everything higher education meant it all and failure & sucess were based on ones intellect , accredation etc.
Then I met my dh family ! some were in religious order some were blue collar some went to university . all were treated equally . What I loved is his family has an absolutely great work ethic and it does not matter if one is a marine biologist or one is a dog groomer ( some thier real professions ) they all came out of the family knowing one must work and do thier part in the world .
My concern is not our children have a higher levl education . Of course I wish them not to suffer to much hardship regarding health & finances but it is so much more important for dh and I to send our young adult children off into the world as healthy individuals .I mean this in the spiritual sense . Having the confidence they are who they are and they are to share the gift of self as we are all called to do .This is what I hope to have achived as parent as the caregiver He asked us to be to these beautiful people His own children ;-)
We now 4 adult children only 2 young ones at home now but so far I feel we have achieved our goal and parying big time I may end up being mum to 4 priests ! all is possible in Him after all ;-)

Gae said...

Thank you ladies.
I have been mulling over your comments today and it has made me think more about what I said and what I didn't say(it was late and my thoughts were a little jumbled ☺) In writting these things out I tend to find it helps clarify my thought more clearly. So I think I still have more to say on this matter. Based on this I think I will be writing a sequel.
Thanks again for your thought and encouragment on this
Many Blessings ♥


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