Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Art Center

Here is what I did yesterday with some of the children.
Being inspired by the organisational bug going around I decided that our own art Center needed some attention.
We rearranged our pencils into groupings of like shades. Red, yellow and orange colours together. Likewise shades of pink and purple and white. Green, blue greys and black were put together. Paint brushes are here too as there is a complete set of Water colour pencils to use.
We also splurged and got one of those scissor stands I have admired for so long. We put all the other scissors into a jar for convenient use.
The charcoal pencils were put into a different jar, the sketching pencils were put together and the regular pencils all together. I also put pipe cleaners here as well. Stamping textas and metallic textas and a gold, silver and purple metallic pencils.
A calligraphy set sits on the side.
Here I put together some of Autumn's rocks gathered over the years and a Magnifying glass for our Rock and mineral Centre( sounds impressive for what it is doesn't it? ☺)
I also made an Art box with some of our Art books off the shelf. The ones that lend themselves to personal study. Also some Beatrix Potter books for inspiration.
This is also where I put the oil pastels, chalk pastels, soft pastels, oil paints, acrylics paints, water colour paints in tubes and water colour in those flat round pallate paintboxes.
In the box also is wet-on-wet-paper, water colour paper and oil canvas paper.
These are the books in the box:
The Drawing Book.. John Deacon
The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature... Cathy Johnson( Autumn used this a lot)
Drawing Made Easy: Wild Animals 5...Felix Lorenzi
Painting Nature in Pen and Ink with Watercolor... Claudia Nice
Lets Draw Bible Heroes...Anita Ganeri for the younger ones especially
Next to the Art Box we have a jar filled with Bees wax, a teddy box with stick glue, rubbers and pencil sharpeners. In the other striped box are a group of shaped hole punches. I love the colours of gel pens and these are in another jar here as well.
Beatrix Potter .. The complete Tales.. The Original and Authorized Edition
The History of the Tale of Peter Rabbit...Leslie Linder
Beatrix Potter..the story of the Creator of Peter Rabbit...Elizabeth Buchan
Beatrix Potter: A life in Nature...Linda Lear ( I had to move this as it is a huge book)
As soon as it was set up there was a rush to use the supplies. They all started to migrate to the room and use the different art supplies.
I was so pleased when Rogan said."I LOVE this room. It has all my favourite things in here. I just love spending time in here."
So all in all I think a Job well done ☺

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Cindy said...

How wonderful they love that room. Very organized.


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