Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Role as Mothers ♥

Some time ago I found this article on Motherhood . I put it aside to ponder later. ( I have copied it below to read as well)
Well now I am ready to ponder.
There really is so much to meditate on.

When I think of all the challenges below, I sometimes become overwhelmed by how much faith the Lord has placed in me as a mother and my Honey to direct and guide our children in the paths he has set before them and us.

We have so little time to impart the wholeness and goodness of life we want them to have as they leave our home. We want them to be strong in their Faith. We want them to be strong in the path of righteousness, following the guide set before them in being close to and open to the voice of the God they serve.
We want them to make choices based on love of their neighbour and not our own selfish desires. To put themselves out to help each other and those people they come across in daily life.

We want them to be"In the world but not of the world".
Our desire is that they would be willing to stand up and be counted for the things they believe in. To resist the pull of the crowd because they know that their strength comes from faith in Our Lord, who is with them and us through out our lives.

So much to achieve is so little time.
There is no time for complacency and we must be dedicated in the task.

I know I can only do this with firm faith that God is in control. That My Lord is there to help me every step of the way, and yet I fail so often.I become distracted by my own desires and wants that I forget my Mission in this life. Yet God loves me as he loves our children and He forgives me my weaknesses and helps me on the road again
What is that road you may ask; the road that will lead our children to Heaven. The road that allows me to fulfil my Mission in life: to raise Holy children who would love and serve the Lord in all they are asked.

So little time, so much to do.
I ask that you would pray for me and all mothers who desire to commit to this great Commission of raising Saints for Heaven.
God Bless you all

True Christian Motherhood

How should a Christian mother view children?

1. As a gift and miracle from God and not as drudgery.

2. She has been entrusted by God to care for them for their time on earth.

3. She delights in them and is thankful for them, even on hard days.

4. She is protective, never bad-mouthing her children to others or slandering them.

5. She understands that they are the next generation entrusted with the Gospel.

6. She knows their souls are precious to God and He knows the number of every hair on their head.

7. She knows she is accountable to God for how she raises them so she faithfully sacrifices her love, her patience and her life for them.

8. She understands that even as they are in a state of infancy now that this precious season is quickly fleeting and in a blink of an eye they will grow up---so she savors the moment.

9. She welcomes the number of children the Lord gives her and treasures each one in her heart because she knows the He has a purpose for each and every single one--- even if the world doesn't see it that way. She rejects the lie that children are a burden.

10. She understands and embraces the future--she knows her job is not done when her children graduate from high school or when they turn eighteen, instead it continues on until she takes her last breath.

11. As she cares for a crying infant or sick child she realizes it is part of God's great plan to mold her into becoming a nurturing mother and into the image of Christ.

12. She acknowledges that she is the best one to take care of them as God has chosen to give them to her. She understands her children in a way that a stranger cannot. She realizes that mothering is her sacred work and is careful not neglect her responsibilities. She is protective over who cares for her children.

13. She recognizes her season with little ones and uses wisdom. She tries to surround herself with like minded women who are going through the same season or have been through it and can encourage and support her.

14. The Christian mother does not rely Oprah, Dr. Bob or the latest trends in parenting magazines for wisdom but instead searches God's Word to help her raise her family because it is the source of all truth.

15. She clearly understands that her and her husband are an undivided team when it comes to parenting their children and respectfully allows him to lead the home. She knows that if she is dominating, controlling or manipulating she would destroy her home so she purposefully learns to trust God on matters of submission.

16. She wisely spends her time in prayer---for herself to be a godly mother, for her husband to be a godly father and for children's salvation and their futures. She knows her time in prayer is never wasted time.

17. The Christian mother seeks to educate her children about the Lord so she wisely invests her days teaching them all she knows about Him and His Word.

18. When her season of raising her children has passed, she looks forward to investing her time and love into her grandchildren as they arrive. She doesn't try to move far away to 'begin living her life' but instead she considers them a blessing and her love for them evident. She considers it an honor to take part in their lives. She is loyal encourager and faithfully supports her children in raising her grandchildren.

(The Christian Mother Series, Part1)
Hope you enjoyed this post and are encouraged by it as I hope you to be. ♥ ♥


olivia said...

hi Gae,
thanks so much for yuor comment on my blog. I hope to get the right results so I can go and do a B.A in early childhood care and education at a college nearby, (this was a suitable comment on your post-motherhood and children ;) the course teaches a lot about their development and also learning methods etc. I can't wait....3 weeks from now!!!
God bless,
this is a great blog

Marilyn said...

Beautiful post Gae. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Gae!

Judy Dudich said...

This is BEAUTIFUL ! May I place it on my Inspired by Others page at Daily Blessings?

Gae said...

I would be honoured Judy
Go ahead
God Bless


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