Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Happy Windsday" or the Blustery Day

Today I am sure we were in the One Hundred Acre Woods along with Pooh and all his friends.
It was indeed a very blustery day and had been a very blustery night.
When I woke up I knew it was Wednesday, (which is surprising for me) and I immediatly thought of the phrase "Happy Windsday" from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

The Hundred Acre Woods characters are very popular in our house and not only with the little ones.
We also seem to have a lot of the characters living here in our house.
Each one of us seems to represent one of the "Pooh" characters. Which makes for very interesting living sometimes.
Needless to say we love the lyrics in the movie too.

We had our very "blustery day" continue all day with another night of expected blustery conditions. While some of us love very windy weather some others seem to be very affected by it. Poor, poor Honey.

Well I hope you have enjoyed your own Wednesday, I mean Windsday where ever you are.


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