Sunday, January 16, 2011

Precious Tea Cups

My Royal Albert: Sweet Violets design
For Christmas this year the girls and I talked about creating  a new and lovely tradition for myself as well as Eden and Autumn: To start a collection of Tea Cups. In time I imagine Vellvin joining in as well but for now her passion is books.

Each of us had on our Christmas list a second hand Tea Cup set.
In truth we  actually started this with Autumn for her 17th Birthday after her reading the beautiful book

by Emilie Barnes~ If Teacups could Talk.
Eden's: Very unique SPODE design~ just so her
I have been a long time fan of Emilie's books and last year introduced them to the girls as we were enjoying our Orchard House Circle time. Sadly we stopped this for a time and are only just now looking at starting it back up again.
Autumn particularly loved The Teacup book as well as some of her other 'table books' and wanted to start a collection of Tea Cups. We had bought her a beautiful Crinoline Lady Tea Cup set which she really enjoys using and looking at.
Autumn's autumn leaf design by Royal Doulton, she wanted,for obvious reasons
Interestingly enough I have wanted to do this for so many years as well, but could never find the impetus to start. Autumn's enthusiasm to start this has triggered my own interest again. Also the fact we do have a beautiful Antique shop in town that does sell these items makes it easier to actually start a collection.
Of course our very girly Eden also was interested in obtaining the start to her collection as well for a Christmas gift.
Our Tea Cups together
So it was off on a Tea Cup excursion and I actually had a most enjoyable time with a both Vellvin and Autumn choosing the tea cups for each of us. As we like to have the cake plate as well it makes it a little harder to find a complete set. However I think we choose each of us a design that reflexes our personalities and I look forward to pursuing this tradition for a long time yet.

We plan as we return to our regular routine this month of having these cups for our after 'little children are in bed' routine. Perhaps this will also rekindle the bonding time we were enjoying with the Orchard House Circle group.

Or perhaps it will simply be a pleasant and enjoyable way to spend the evening together, sipping our favourites beverages and partaking of some "Victorian Style" grandeur!

At any rate enjoying our drinks in these beautiful cups, perhaps with a biscuit or two, will certainly be a collection of treasure memories!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Cinnamon said...

Such beautiful tea cups and I bet the company is even better :-) Do you have a favorite tea?


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Gae,

Such unique cups you found! I love Autumn's; what a special thing for her to have a cup that "spells" her name!

Tea time is truly something that helps us unwind during the busy day, and enjoy each others' company. You've inspired me to have a party today!



Anonymous said...

A teacup excursion...what a perfect way to spend precious time with your girls! :)


Amy said...

Wow! Such beauties! What a lovely thing to collect. So feminine!

GrandmaK said...

What beautifully delightful teacup treasures! Cathy

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

How lovely, Gae!!
You have chosen beautiful patterns fo your teacup settings. Antiques can be expensive and even op shops are charging higher prices for such settings these days. It's a joy to find a nice one that's affordable!
Your violets remind me of my own set, which my youngest son bought me for mother's day 2 years ago.
I simply love old china and vintage patterns :-)
The Orchard House Circle is a delightful idea. I wish I'd had daughters to share such lovely times with!
When my friends come here on Tuesdays evenings for our book study, I try to give them something pretty and delicate to drink from..we so enjoy feeling feminine and lady-like together :-D
God bless you dear friend..Trish

Anonymous said...

OOOO, a CATHOLIC homemaking blog, how exciting!! I have six children and don't have too much time, but will try to come and visit.

Gae said...

Thank you ladies for your heartfelt comments.
I appreciate them.
The time with our girls is so precious

Gae said...

Dear Cinnamon,
I actually don't drink tea but have coffee in mine. The girls favorite tea is English breakfast tea.
I would very much like to try Rasberry Tea but just not sure I will like it


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