Friday, October 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - 30th October

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on. This week I am just being a bit Random in my thoughts because well it has been very random.

So for my 7 Quick takes this week:

1. Today we went to Burnie for Moran's first Occupational Therapist session, this was to establish some background on how to deal with her Sensory issues.
Let me say it was an interesting exercise in the least. As Burnie is 45 mins away we left early but Arwen who has NEVER been carsick and not a sicking up baby at all was sick in a HUGE way. Of course I had not any spare clothes for her as she never needs them.

2. After making sure Autumn, who came with me had money for the parking meter, as it was only a 1 hour parking meter and the appointment was for 2 hours.
After we finished and Autumn HAD been on time to refill the parking meter I discovered we had a parking fine of $50.
Needless I wasn't impressed and then I had to go to the Council Offices (after finding them and another parking meter cost) to protest this. The only course of action was to fill in a protest form and hopefully get the fine wavered.

3. Chaos reins as the children start to prepare their costumes for our family All Saints Party. After a late night and tension due to emotional pressures from the trip out this morning, and little people crash because of this (I think we need some chocolate) I wonder why we bother.

4. Having said that I am always impressed with the children's creative abilities in preparing for costumed events. With the exception of a very few pre-made costumes we do all our dressing up from play cloths and sheets. Cardboard and props.

5. Part reason the children are tired is the fact Daylight Saving started at the beginning of the month. I find it is about now though as the days start to get longer that the children want to play outside longer on lovely Spring days. I lose track of the time and then discover how late it is and hustle everyone up. Consequently children go to bed later and are over tired.

Here is a poem Saxon wrote on the eve of Daylight Saving: He is adamantly opposed to Daylight Saving!

When the freezing Winter comes
I go to bed at night.
But in the Summer I go to bed
in the golden light.

In the 1800's
in the Victorian reign
every man, woman and kid
went to bed the same.

But when World War One came up
Some countries made a rule
and the actual reason that they started it
was to save on fuel.

Every man would wind his clock
up the normal way
but then he wound it back an hour
on a certain day.

So for about 100 years now
we have followed that crazy idea
and I believe the day time changes,
It's the day every kid should fear.

For the Parents just say "Don't worry about it,
it's just the way of life,"
But I believe we should stop this rule
and all this grief and strife

So we'll start a war about it
and drive out with guns and tanks
and by the time the war is finished
everyone will give us thanks

When it is finished we will think
of all the dangers we'd been braving
and we'd all be happy we'd finished the war
The war of Daylight Saving.

6. Having visited some lovely new blogs over the last couple of weeks I have rediscovered my interest in soap making and home made cleaners. I have found some lovely recipes for these and am now trying to get the ingredients, hopefully locally. I don't know how hard these are to get yet.

7. This will be a very busy 4 days ahead with Braedon's birthday and All Saints and All Souls preparations. Hopefully I will get some plans up before these two events. If not I will post the after posts, well after the 4 posts I have in draft waiting completion etc.

Well that is all I have for this week. I Pray you all have a blessed and happy week.

For more inspirational 7 Quick Takes please visit Jen at Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Ruth said...

I have a lovely visit today
and had a nice peek of your life in a day.
I'm impressed on how you keep your sanity :)
I seem to lose mine so easily.
Thanks for sharing, Gae.
Blessings to your family.

Oh, this is an incidental rhyme.LOL
Maybe carried away by the lovely poem you posted.

Erin said...

Look forward to hearing how the OT visit went.

Love the poem Saxon, brilliant!

Sande said...

We went through Burnie when we were down there .... have aquaintences not far from there ...!

Tracy C. said...

Gae, I just commented on your other blog. They are both such pretty places to visit! I reallly love your booklists too.

Anonymous said...
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