Sunday, November 8, 2009

Advent and Christmas Planning 1

We usually have so many traditions that we do over the Advent/ Christmas period that I thought I would start now.
All my notes from the past several years I am hoping to type up here bit by bit.

One of the things we do each year is to make a selection of cookies. We make at 12 for the 12 Days of Christmas and except for Christmas eve we have one lot of cookies per day. Well that is the plan it doesn't always go to plan as it is very hard to wait so long especially when we make them during Advent and don't taste until Christmas eve.

Here are our 12 cookies.
1. Speculars
2. Gingerbread
3. Sugar Cookies
4. Lebukens
5. St Lucy Cookies
6. Coffee Balls
7. Yo Yo's
8. Custard Creams
9. Shrewberry Biscuits
10. Fudge
11. Shortbread
12. Mince Pie Cookies

Plus we always make Christmas Pudding on Stir Up Sunday and a heap of Christmas Cakes, hopefully to last most of the year.
Christmas Ice cream is also a never miss and for Christmas Eve Eggnog and sometimes Apple Cider or Wassail.

If anyone would like I can work on posting some recipes.

I pray you enjoy starting to look at Advent and Christmas through our family's eyes.



Anonymous said...

Dear Gae,
Thank you so much for visiting me at my blog and for offering prayers on my behalf as I was experiencing such horrible head aches!

You had mentioned that you wondered if you had offended me... oh no, not at all ! I'd be sad if you feel that way, please don't. I've been in the works of transferring my blog over to a new address and working on doing away with the old. Oh I hope to see that you may visit me ( I have two blogs ).

On another note: I love the season of Advent and Christmas ! thanks for the lovely ideas- especially the cookies!!!

Many blessings to you and love in Christ! Deanna (D. Lynn)

Cindy said...

Yes, post recipes!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Gae, I always love finding new names in my comments box. Thanks very much for stopping by. I am impressed by your large, busy family. I thought five was a lot. You are very blessed, and I know you work very hard as a mother, so you deserve a little blogging break once in a while. It's good for the soul. I hope you'll stop back again and I will do the same. Blessings, and all the best preparing for the holy-days to come!
Roxane (Peace Garden Mama)

Camille said...

Just discovered you through my friend Christa's left a comment there on her Apple Dumplings post. How lovely to "meet" you! What a blessing the Lord has given you 11 children...AND the ability to see them each as treasures from HIM!

I love learning about the Christmas traditions of others...I hope to return as you share with us!


Unknown said...

I love hearing what others do around the Christmas Season! There are so many wonderful things to do! I love starting new traditions as well. Hope you are enjoying a lovely day today!

Simple Home said...

Hi Gae,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yours is wonderful. I look forward to checking back often. I'll be praying for your family to be reunited too. I'm sure the distance must be challenging at times.

Shirley said...

You have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog!

I am looking forward to visiting often. :)

Elisa said...

Hi Gae! Thanks for visiting my blog. I had seen a quiet book and once I saw it I knew I wanted to make it, so I just jumped in and DID it, because I knew I wouldn't get it done any other time. I may write up a tutorial sometime if there is enough interest.

I love your blog and your Christmas ideas. I only have 2 little boys so far, and we are a military family so we move quite a bit. We haven't really established our own traditions yet, but I love the idea of making 12 different cookies!!! I will have to maybe make my own. I was born & raised in Switzerland so we have quiet a bit of good recipes. My favorite is the shortbread like ones..."Mailaenderli" and their main ingredients are BUTTER & SUGAR! Could it get any better?? Let me know if you want the recipe.


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