Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path........ Week C

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get this organised to share what w did in "C" week.
We actually finished this at least 3 weeks ago and have moved onto "D" week and nearly finished. I find that I always tend to over plan and think we could have done more but here is what we have to share.

We read through the Story of the Columbine Fairy as well as the poem as well as St Cecilia and Cherubim. We looked and identified various things out of the alphabet books and told stories form them.

We didn't get to so many of the things I wanted but I do want the girls to not get bogged down in my planning, which is really about having choices ready anyway.
Colours was major part of C week and we spent a lot of time with colour.
Here we mixed up some tempera paint for Chalk Paint on the Garage floor.
They painted with paintbrushes and 'drew' pictures.
Here are Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn with the paints all ready.
We made Clown cookies using: Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, M&M's, Raspberry Lollies, Jelly circles cut in half and chocolate sprinkles.
First you ice the cookies with icing and then add the clown faces. Moran making her first 2.
It was difficult to stop nibbling on the clown features before they were completed.
The lovely thing about the Alphabet Path has been the older children have also enjoyed being part of the fun activities.
Of course making a crown for the baby counts a C work too.
The crown made from daffodils. An impromptu event inspired by Eden.
A camp out was also an essential part of C week.
Camp closed up for night.
These are the Alphabet C pages in our various books.
The Cat Stories. We are big fans of the Church Mouse Series
These are the random C books we read.
The books about colour and rainbows
Our Sir Cumference books and the only book on Chopin
Various Saint and Books on C
Some of the colouring and tracing of C
Writing the ABC's on Little hearts colouring pages from Kimberly at Pondered in My Heart we only started them this week but it was a great opportunity to talk about these virtues.
Moran with her letter C's n bees wax
The girls picked out the letter C from sticker sheets and then placed them on coloured paper. They then wrote a Capital and lower case C on the page as well.
We crumpled up coloured paper and glued it onto a large letter C
Myffwyn gluing on her crumpled paper
Chocolate Chip Cup cakes courtesy of Saxon and the little girls.
Moran after sounding out the items in the sound pouch.
Items out of our C sound pouch.
Clover is a great C word in spring especially for lying on in the Spring sunshine.
We made oil painting or marble painting once again concentrating on the colour aspects of C

The girls preparing for our first colour day, all ready to begin. The tempera paint was mixed up with oil on the little jars and water was put in the trays.
Put spoonfuls of the paint on top of the water and mix if you like.
This is one example of how it looks. We made oil painting or marble painting once again concentrating on the colour aspects of C
Putting the paper onto the colour in the tray.
Some of the finished products. Some turned out better than others but it was a great activities that the girls enjoyed.
Playing cars on the car mat set was also popular during the week.
Of course who could resist a C shaped chocolate cake to end of the week.

This has been a great way of learning for the girls especially and we are looking forward to many more weeks of great fun.


Erin said...

Wow!!! I'm not surprised it took three weeks, there is a lot of work there. Loos delightful.

quilt'n-mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed my visit to yours as well, so many good book lists, I'll be back! Looks like you are having a great time with the letter C!

My kids loved the beach pictures too, we visited the beach back in Sept to see friends, our kids first time. It was white sand and so much fun! But we didn't find some of the cool critters you found! My kids were loving the pictures:)

thanks again and have a blessed week!

Flavia Sunshine said...

Hello !
Thank you for visiting my blog.
What a wonderful family you have ! You're very blessed. I love all the activity you do, i'm sure i can have some great inspiration from you ( we have started homeschooling only few months ago ).
Many many blessings, and please visit me again ! :)


dtbrents said...

That is so cute. I don't think they will ever forget their C's. Doylene

Tania said...

Some wonderful ideas for your children to learn from. So many C's I am sure they know all about that letter now.

You are so truly blessed to be able to teach your children at home.


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