Saturday, December 5, 2009

Child of the Promise

For many years we have enjoyed, NO we have loved Child of the Promise.

WE have loved listening to this every year. We try not to play this during the year but save it for Advent and Christmas. This is so hard as the storyof Jesus birth put to music is so inspiring.
Most of us know a lot of the lyrics and we love to sing them aloud together, well most of us anyway.

This would be a great to do as a play or as a musical as well.
I keep thinking we will try to do this each year but it hasn't happened yet.

Has anyone else heard this before?
If you haven't see if you can get a copy I believe you would thoroughly enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

Gae, Child of the Promise sounds absolutely delightful and delight-filled. :D

Have a wonderful week,

Allison said...

Thank you Gae, for the recommendation.


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