Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve in our Home 2009

Our Family photo after Midnight Mass
The Christmas bags put our before bed at around 3 am Christmas Morning
Arwen's Heart on the tree. We each have a heart I made and have drawn on with fabric paint.
Christmas bags and the stars above the Star Path that Joseph and Mary and the Donkey travelled during Advent.
Part of our Midnight feast that we have each year after Midnight Mass. We have the first cookies we have made and Christmas cake as well as fresh stone fruit and our Egg Nog that are traditions we have had for many years.
Baby Jesus in the Manger atop of the straw that was placed in by loving deeds and sacrifices.
We put the Christmas Tree up on Christmas Eve (very late about 8pm) Presents from Grandparents and siblings were finally put under the tree.
The Jesse Tree has all the ornaments on and Baby Jesus is place in his Manger.
The table all ready before Mass for the Midnight Feast.
I made this dress for Moran on Christmas Eve. Myffwyn and Arwen already had one.It was not what I had planned on doing, I wanted to get it finished earlier but this was not to be. I did get it done, not without some stress. Thank you for being patient with me my special family.



Elisa said...

Aw...your Advent/Christmas traditions sound wonderful. I would love to hear more details about what you do with the star path and the straw in a manger. Email me if you have posts on this! Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Christine said...

I hope you have a happy Christmastide!

Simple Home said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve and I'm sure a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed learning about your traditions! Keri

Your children all have such beautiful names--what inspired them?


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