Sunday, December 13, 2009

St Nicholas Celebrations

Well only a week later am I getting to our St Nicholas Celebration. We were able to have a lovely celebration mainly due to our older boys being able to help contribute to filling the stockings.
WE tend to do most of our celebrations in the morning and set the table as we would for a birthday celebration.
Some panels I hemmed a few years ago from Spotlight and attached them to a felt backing.

St Nicholas breakfast table
Chocolate coins and St Nicholas figures along with oranges are the center pieces.
Individual place setting. A laminated St Nicholas card along with a coloured Sundae glass which everyone received as a present.
Oranges and St Nicholas
The Seasons table now has St Nicholas and Black Peter in residence.
A view from the balcony in the loft.
From the loft looking down on the stockings and Advent wreath.
All the stockings hung on the mantle. I had to make Arwen one and didn't have enough fabric paint to decorate it with, or another hook in place to hang it. So Daddy and Arwen share a place together.
All ready to investigate the stockings
Wow check it out. Look what I got!
Opening the stockings
Kynan looking for food items.
Saxon checking out the gun.
Braedon evaluating the goodies.
Vellvin with her loot.
Arwen in the background and Eden assessing her prizes.
Corbyn and Myffwyn comparing
Arwen's first St Nicholas day
Autumn showing off her catch.

I pray you each had a memorable St Nicholas Day this year.

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Tracy said...

You have such a lovely family, Gae! Wishing you a blessed day. :)


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