Thursday, March 4, 2010

Along the Alphabet path.....F Week

This is the last of my catch up post on the Alphabet Path. F Week was quite a fun week with lots of hands on activities and not so much work sheet activities even though on our plans there was plenty of opportunity for these.

The girls seemed to understand F and could write it quite easily.
even so we still didn't get through all the activities I wanted to cover like making fairy houses and fairies from pipe cleaners.

We frankly just ran out of time even though it took 2 weeks.
We had so many books to read as you can see on our list .

So for a brief look at F Week in our Home, have a look around
Our F Week Display~
With Bees wax F's , Sandpaper letters a basket of Frogs and the F pages from the Alphabet books.
St Francis
All our Shirley Barber Fairy books.
Other Fairy books.
Some Australian Fairy books and other odds and ends
These are probably the favourite Fairy books in the house- well as well s the Shirley Barber ones
Frances books are such fun to read
St Francis Books we read
Farm related Books
Other F Books to read
Mary Tarrant F Books
F is for Sillvanian Families
Flowers as well
Fishing is an important F activity
A circle of Friendship
Farm matching activity
Magnetic Farm play
Jumping Frogs game
The life cycle of a Frog
Our F sound pouch
This is the matching Farm game based on Montessori concepts.
Starting to use the wooden letters to copy words.
Vellvin has had this Fairy game for so many years and the little children always love it.
I drew some pictures of Families. I am so inept at drawing!!
Moran colouring in the Families
Finger painting with Food
They are really getting into it now. Eating a great deal as well
The Food we used was Grape Jelly and strawberry pudding
Using the Cuisenaire rods for the Cuisenaire Alphabet book. I forgot we had this until F Week and so this was the first attempt at it.
Activity at work.
I am just too cute to have to finish aren't I Mummy! Corbyn is actually matching coloured items into groups here.

This is a list of all the books above (in pictures) ~ However I haven't linked to any of them, Sorry.

F Books
Little Farmer Jo-Ian Whybrow & Christiana Birmingham.
Bread and Jam for Frances-Russell Hoban.
A Birthday for Frances - Russell Hoban.
Bedtime for Frances - Russell Hoban.
The Story of Ferdinand- Munro Leaf.
A Baby Sister for Frances- Russell Hoban.
Five Secrets in a Box-Catherine Brighton.
Floss- Kim Lewis.
Thank you Mr. Falker- Patricia Polacco.
The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies-Beatrix Potter.
Friends - Kim Lewis.
Clare and Francis-Guido Visconti.
Saint Francis and the Christmas donkey-Robert Byrd.
Francis the poor man of Assisi-Tomie de Paola.
Saint Frances of Assisi- Father Lovasik (this is the BEST version.)
The Flower Hunter, William Bartrum America's first Naturlist -Deborah Kogan Ray.
Flower Garden-Eve Bunting.
The Fiddler of the Northern Lights - Natalie Kinsey-Warnock.
Farm Friends-Jane Shaw.
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.-Dr. Suess.
Fox in Socks- Dr. Seuss.
Farmer Schultz's Ducks-Colin Thiele.
Best Friends for Francis-Russell Hoban.
Farm Boy-Michael Morpurgo.
I can Fly-Ruth Krauss.
A year on Our Farm- Penny Matthews & Andrew Mclean.
The Foxbury Force- Graham Oakley
The Foxbury force and the Pirates- Graham Oakley.
The Big Book of Farmyard Tales- Heather Amery
Farm - A Collins Eyewitness Guide

Fairy Books
Fairy Secrets- Alan and Linda Parry.
My Garden of Flower Fairies- Cecily Mary Barker
My second book of AUSTRALIAN Flower Fairies-Jon Wade.
Fairy Boat-Tracey Kane.
Fairy Flight- " ".
The Midnight Fairy Craft and Party Book- A Tracy Marsh Publication.
The Fairy Catalogue-Sally Gardner.
How to Draw and Paint Fairies-Linda Ravenscroft.
Twilight Fairies- Nancy Hundel.
Fairy Houses- Tracey Kane.
Fairy Island- Laura c. Martin and Cameron Martin.
My first book of AUSTRALIAN Flower Fairies-Jon Wade.
Fairy Spells- Alan and Linda Parry.
Fairy Lullabies-" ".
Fairy Magic-" ".
In Fairyland -Text by Andrew Lang and ill. Richard Doyle.
Fairy Houses Evertwhere!- Barry and Tracey Kane.
Fairy Houses and Beyond!- " ".
Fairy Cooking-Rebecca Gilpin and Catherine Atkinson.
Fairy Secrets, a magical envelope book-Deborah Latimer.
The Complete book of Flower Fairies- Cicely Mary Barker.
A Fairy went A-Marketing- Rose Fyleman ill. Jamichal Henterly.
The Enchanted Woods a wedding in fairyland- Shirley Barber.
The Tooth Fairy a magical journey-" ".
Spellbound a fairytale Romance-" ".
Rainbow Magic the search for fairy gold-" ".
The Fairies' Cook A Martha B. Rabbit Story_" ".



Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wow, so many F items. Your house is like ours, lots and lots of books! This is a great idea for little ones.

GrandmaK said...

Very nice! I particularly like your Circle of Friendship! Cathy


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