Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday

This week I am starting to get back onto the Patchwork quilt I started for Corbyn before Arwen was born. Um that would be over 12 months ago.
I have sewn all the individual squares together and am now just sewing the rows together.
Then all I have to do is add backing and batting and finish up with some little ties on each corner or the squares.
I have sewn about 7 rows together out of 19. Each row has 13 squares to it.
I won't actually hand quilt this quilt like I did for the girls.
Our older boys have all the same style with the little corner tassels so Corbyn'swill be the same.
Don't forget to visit Amy for more Craft Basket Wednesday crafts.

So what is in your Craft Basket this week?



Marqueta said...

Dear Gae,

What a lovely quilt! That's our favorite kind, with lots of colors and patterns :) . We've taken a break from packing and made a little guinea pig stuffed animal for Easter this week (It started out as a rabbit, but not using a pattern, you know . . .).

Congratulations on your blog anniversary~I'm sure that many have been blessed through all the things that you share; I know i have.



puzzled said...

That sure is beautiful! I don't have that talent, unfortunately. My dear mother was a great hand at quilting. She made them out of necessity, using up scraps of outgrown clothing (we were a big family too). Mom's quilts always kept us snug and warm in the Canadian winters. After I moved away, I was always delighted on my trips home to sit on the bed and revive happy memories just by looking at the patches in the quilt. Certain patches were recognizable remains of a childhood dress, a brother's shirt, etc. Happy days, happy memories! Happy quilting to you Gae.

Sarah said...

Patchwork quilts are just wonderful! How great that each of your children has their own! What treasures!!!


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