Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games......and the Future

I have been intending to write this since I first finished reading this series of books a couple of months ago.

first off, if I had seen these at the library or books shop I would never have picked them up!! They just did not read like the type of book I would normally read.
I seriously dislike reality TV shows and I NEVER watch them, the bit I know comes from seeing the advertisements at the Doctor surgery.
I think they encourage a promotion of self at the expense of others and the joining of forces then to  stab someone in the back to still maintain ones position is a situation I find deplorable!

So how did I start to read them if I hold the position above?
Well  we have fairly strict standards on book reading in our home and Vellvin  had heard of them and got them from the library as she thought they would be interesting. As it was a series that we knew nothing about I pre-read them first. I often do this for the children and they are very patient while I complete this.
However sadly for Vellvin this was not a series I thought she was yet ready for even though I think they send a powerful statement and I stayed up very late reading them.

If I think that then why  do I think they have been one of the most powerful series I have read in a long time?

That dear friends is what I am going to share with you~
 The first thing I want to share is the fact that I can so see this as an actual reality for our society if it continues down the path we are taking (well some of the people in society are taking) as a society.
1. A society that seemingly has no problem with the wholesale murder of innocent life, before even leaving the supposed safety of the mothers womb.
2. A society that I read last week is discussing, purely on an academic basis (sure I believe that one) infant genocide.
3. A society that is continuing to estoll the benefits of euthanasia as a better option for older, sick  people or those who feel, even a little bit, (for a short period of time) that they can't cope any more with their burdens.
4. The complete lack of concern of others in our 'me' generated society. Where we are told and see promoted that it is 'all about us and what we want, even at others expense.'
5. A society where sacrifice for anyone is considered old fashioned and of little value- because it has not value for the 'ME people'

For those who know me after reading this for a period of time know I am adamantly Pro-Life and I see this series as a promotion of pro-life.
A pro-life stand promotes the dignity and sacredness off life at all stages.

These books I believe, as we read them confirm that without this stand for pro-life that people are really not valued for who they are but for what they contribute to the ME society and then only if you conform to what the people in charge (in this case The Capital) tell you.
If you step out of line then your life is forfeit and those you care about will also be punished.

Just forget about freedom of anything! Be prepared to live life as the puppets of those in charge and if they think you are not worth anything to them then ......check out time, goodbye.

How on earth can anyone not see the future predictions of this novel not becoming a reality without major and drastic change of opinions and actions by those within our society.

And here is the thing!
I re-read these books again because I was sooooo impressed with the message I saw within them and I was shocked at my own ability to not be as upset by the events taking place. I was astounded at how easily it was to accept the fact that life in this society was 'just how it was' that this was reality for them and so on,

So for myself it confirms to me that what I have told my children repeatedly is that 'you have to hold on to high standards, beware of lowering them for even one moment.' That moment when you allow the things that are not pure, not of high quality allows our minds to become used to this lower standard and hence we can begin a down ward spiral of what used to be abhorrent to becoming.. OK. I believe this can lead to apathy setting in on that as a society is detrimental for all.

Now I don't mean this book was a lower standard but what I am saying is that the ideas that the people are trying to overcome, the values that have become standard is what could easily happen  if we are not careful could easily become the norm for our society.

Don't get me wrong the books do show those who are willing to sacrifice for others and do a remarkable job of changing their world. But it is only through continued and  unprecedented  acts of sacrifice that change was achieved at all. These strong individuals were willing to die for the greater good.

The greater good that we have seen in past actions of martyrs and saints who have a bigger picture of what mankind can be like

I believe it is a motivational series that tells us to stand up for what we know is right. The other saying I  have told my children " Right is right, even if no-one else is doing it. Wrong is still wrong, even if everyone is doing it!"
Be strong! Make the decision to follow through on your standards. Continue to be loyal to what you believe in. Family loyalty; loyalty to a cause that if just , that is true, and promotes the dignity and sanctity of life for EVERYONE.
Loyalty that may cause your own death because you choose to stand for a better life for others.

This by no means is an easy task I am sure.
How many of us think we would take this path? Of course I would like to believe I would, BUT I know I never can be sure until I have walked that path.

Each year as we come closer to Good Friday I ponder this same theme: Would I have been one of Jesus' disciples and faithful defenders at his trial and crucifixion OR would I have been tempted to go the easy path and join in with the crowd?

For the same reflections I see are present in this series of books are a challenge to us to live a life that is based upon truth, justice for all, life for all and mercy and love.

The last thing I would like to present is that evil can sometimes appear under the guise of good.

Without giving anything away - some of the characters appear to be good, to support those who truly are defenceless but ultimately are after power and glory them selves and thus are able to commit acts that show their intentions to be what they really are.....the lust for power for themselves.
Thus simply replacing one  'bad' regime for another.

The end NEVER justifies the means!

Of course there are those who outwardly seem to be either good or having good intentions who really are those helping and choosing the sacrificial life for the benefit of others. In fact you have to look beyond the outward appearances to the life style and choices they make to truly see them for what they are..... martyrs.

I know there are many other peoples opinions out there for you to look at and see whether this series of books is for you.
One I am anxious to read is this one , I haven't yet , like I have not read any others as I wanted to write this as my own opinion without having read anything that may influence or even condone what I had already formed as my opinion.

I am going to see the movie  this afternoon with my daughter, and I wanted to get this done again before I saw it form a visual perspective.

Seriously I think theses books are a great read, not a light read, but a though provoking read about yours (and my) values  and how far we are willing to go to protect those values and the right to have them.

So in affect, that is what I believe these books really speak about. That 'The Hunger Games' is not really fiction but could very easily be a reality!

Links for you to peruse ~
The authors site
From wikipedia
A review by a young  lady
Official Movie trailer and review of the movie


While I enjoyed the movie I think it lacks the deep and profound message that the books have. It in no way covers the themes I have discussed and I think it lacks the real 'punch' of the books as well.
since writing I have seen soem other reviews (not all I agree with) but here they are for you:
Another opinion and review 
Karen Edmisten
Another view
And another

Blessings to you and your homes,


maria said...

Isn't wonderful that Our Lord uses everything to get our attention?

Lori said...

HI Gae. Thank you for sharing your insights on this! Blessings, Lori

Unknown said...

thanks for posting this. I keep hearing so much about these books and the movie and I was unsure where they stood through a Catholic point of view.

ccc said...

great post, Gae!
My older daughters read the series and saw it as how you described---that it can easily be our reality in the future. And, they made comparisons to Rome at its height.
They just went and saw the movie, and they were not disappointed.

At Home Together said...

Gae, thanks so much for this post. I had asked Virginia not to read this series for now; like you, I need to read them first. Many of the girls at the College where my husband and I teach have read the books with great enthusiasm. I agree with you, the value of human life seems to be at an all-time low. Here in the USA, we are facing a crisis with the Obama health care plan and state-mandated public funding of contraceptives and abortion. I feel that our votes mean nothing and that the country is in the grip of a soulless and godless government.If these books can open the eyes of an endangered generation, I applaud the author's efforts. It is just too bad, however, that so many turn to fiction rather than Scripture for wisdom and truth.

♥ my diary♥ said...

nice post thank you so much for sharing...blessings

mvsjourney said...

I am a very spiritual and faithful Christian, tho not a Catholic. Life is precious and created, ultimately, by God's Glory. I am also a dedicated, hard-working social worker with many decades working with teens living in group and foster homes.
Most weren't ever really wanted, were conceived by addicted mothers struggling to get by each day and ended up in 'the System' when very young. As they were moved from place to place, developing behavior problems to mask their wounded hearts and compromised cognitive/neurological development - professional people have tried to find 'forever families' to adopt them.
As soon as every Pro-Life Catholic family who preaches the sanctity of Life adopts one these troubled, less-than-perfect, adoptable children - then I will respect and listen to the fervor with which abortion is lambasted. Until then, I watch and listen to their tears and heartache and wonder why the good Lord did not take their little souls to Heaven with Him when they were fetuses? Their futures are generally bleak, full of despair and without love - and me and my colleagues can do so little to meet their needs. They need families willing to commit to them, forever, despite their many problems and issues. Where
ARE the Godly Catholic families??? having more little perfect Catholic babies and closing down abortion clinics so these kind of kids' drug-addicted mothers can't get abortions and send 5 and 6 and 7 children into the social service system....where is the 'respect for human life' in that? An unborn fetus at 10 weeks would go straight to Heaven. These kids live a loveless life for many decades, often procreating MORE kids like themselves, populating prisons and committing isn't common sense - sanctity of Life? naw, or you'd all adopt at least ONE child!

Gae said...

How judgemental you are about Catholics and Christians in this.

As I am busy loving and caring for my 'perfect Catholic children' this will be brief for now. But I tell you DO NOT PRESUME TO KNOW MY HEART and my circumstances and what I am able to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes sanctity of life is a value I and others like me hold to and cherish.
However do not assume that because not everyone adopts a child like this our hearts are not heavy.

Do not assume that just because we do not adopt we would not given opportunity.

Do not assume we ALL have enough money to go through the adoptive process for ALL those children.

Do not assume we live perfect lives that we are all able to reach these children.

Do not assume that we have not had our share own hardships that we have had to overcome

Do not assume that because others make decisions in their lives that cause harm to themselves or others that we are even able to pick up the pieces.

Do not assume that this is everyone elses fault that these children have a life that is hard, and yes I have worked in this area myself and seen first hand the heartbreak and despair.

Do not assume that those who have money to spare with their lives of pleasure should not take some of the burden too.

Do not assume that someone will not think that your own life is not worth living as we spiral down this track of 'me' and decide to terminate you on a whim.

Do not assume that you know our hearts and minds in this area

Do not assume that we value these children less or have not compassion for them

BUT do assume that it is not JUST our responsibility to help these children for we would if we could.
As you would know money is the lifeblood of life and lots of us do not have spare to even begin adoption after caring for those precious souls we have.

By the way I would be interested to know how many children you or your colleges have adopted to help them out as well.

Anonymous said...

On ya mum.
That's the go blow the negative single minded %#*#* out of the water!

Erin said...

Dear mvsjourney,

Your Cross is indeed hard, I imagine many times a day/week/years you must simply shed tears, I thank you on behalf of those of 'your children' and those of us who are at a different Season in our life and called to carry other Crosses, for the work you do.

As a long time reader of this blog and this one
I am well aware of the problems you face and very aware that adoption is not a simple answer.

I can well imagine you cry daily to Our Lord, "Why, why, why!!" However I'd like to encourage you to read Unplanned by Abby Johnson, perhaps this may help you understand why abortion is not the answer too.

"Where ARE the Godly Catholic families??? having more little perfect Catholic babies and closing down abortion clinics so these kind of kids' drug-addicted mothers can't get abortions and send 5 and 6 and 7 children into the social service system....where is the 'respect for human life' in that? "

Ummm, what to say to this?? I can hear frustration here, frustration for your daily situation, for the heartbreak you daily see, but to blindly attack a whole group of people leaves me rather speechless!!!

"I am a very spiritual and faithful Christian, tho not a Catholic. Life is precious and created, ultimately, by God's Glory."

May I remind you of your own Witness, as a Christian you know Our Lord has different work for each of us and calls us all to different paths at different Seasons in our lives. Life is indeed precious and Created by Him. We do not always understand the Why, I know I often ask Why???!! But we can turn to Him and continue to ask for support as we daily step forth to do His work, each in our own calling.

May God pour forth His Blessings on you.{{}}

Gae said...

Dear Dear Erin,
How I appreciate your words of wisdom here dear friend!!
You have answered this with such love and compassion and with such great hope. How can anyone resist your beautiful words and take up the challenge and cross we all bear
Many thanks ♥
Talk soon


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