Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday

Our Palm Sunday's tend to be fairly quiet here.

Do you like our painting above? We always have it up in our family room but every Palm Sunday we have a really good look at it.
It was given to us by Stephen's parents years ago and they got it from Stephen's Granny ( who is about 96) which was in her family for some time.
We have no idea who painted it or where it was from but it remains one of our favourite pictures.

Except for attending Mass and placing the palms around our home we tend not to do to much.
I did print out these colouring pages for the children to colour if they wanted.
Fisheaters and ChurchYear.Net both have some more information and ideas to do if we were feeling more inclined. As well as Catholic Icing, DLTK and Catholic Culture.

We have made these Palm Crosses for a few years. In fact we made the whole lot for the Church we used to attend for 3 years when we were Anglican.

As we don't know where to get Palms from ,Autumn came up with the idea to use the sags we have on our property. I don't know what they are exactly but they are very sharp and hard to get rid of.
However we are quite disappointed that since we entered The Catholic Church we have not had a single Palm Cross or even a piece of palm. There isn't even a procession into the Church and only about 4 palm branches to decorate the church with.

Today we, Autumn and I made these palm crosses, well Autumn made most of them as I had to feed and comfort the sick baby.
Once she remembered how to make them, after a few 'stressful' moments when she couldn't get what I was showing her. Autumn really enjoyed making them.
We decided to make one for everyone and one for each room of the house. In total we made about 60.
After finishing the regulation size Autumn was keen to make as big a one as possible . These were what she came up with.
Earlier in the day I told the story of Palm Sunday using this Betty Lukin's Felt Display.
This is Rogan's turn at using the figures in his retelling .
I love how they put their own version together after my showing it first.
Father Pine with some of the palm crosses.
Our family altar for the day.

We hadn't covered up our religious pictures and statues in purple cloth at this stage but got to it afterwards. This is a very good explanation of why we do this.

Of course we couldn't have an ordinary day for a special celebration (once again) we had an interruption to our schedule with sick children and a trip to the hospital with Saxon.

I pray you have a Blessed Holy Week.



Blair said...

Beautiful altar and I love Father Pine! I also love the felt display. About the bookcase on my blog. If you look on the previous page of posts (March 7th), someone in our neighborhood was selling it in a yard sale and it was left by the trash since it didn't sell! So definitely, for me it was worth it for free :)

Gardenia said...

I love the links you posted about. the altar is lovely. and one of the links you gave gives directions for making a palm cross, which I've never learned how to do, so now I can. sending prayers for Saxon.

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing. My mom made Palm crosses when she was a little girl and she taught me to do so. My children now make them. I pray that you and your family have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.

Tina Marie said...

God Bless you and your family this week. They are in my prayers. You do such a lovely job making the liturgical year meaning for others. I love your descriptions, pictures and thoughts. You have a beautiful blog and are very blessed. Hope everyone is healthy for the Easter Triduum.


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