Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Names....want to have some fun?

We are in the proccess of looking at baby names for our new little one due in May.
Now, we tend to like unusual names as some of you may have guessed, but we still have some criteria for choosing names that we have kept to each time  we make a short list.

I thought it might be fun to ask for some ideas from you all.

Of course you have nothing better to do but I like doing this for other people and perhaps you might too.

Here are the critiria:
♥ For a christian name boy or girl~
It must be 2 syllables
End with an N
Be of: English, Irish, Celtic, Old English, Welsh or Scottish origin
Must be uncommon - not something you have heard a lot of (for me I must not have heard anyone use it before)

♥ For a second name~
The only criteria is that it is once again, uncommon and of course sound nice with the first name

To help you here are our children's full names:
Kynan Blair
Braedon Curtis
Autumn Adara
Eden Avril
Saxon Wallace
Vellvin Faine
Rogan Parrish
Moran Paige
Myffwyn Verity
Corbyn Ryder
Arwen Finvarra Perpetua

Now I know some of these are more popular now and I have heard some of them recently but when we named each of our children we had never heard of the names before!


Blessings to you and your homes,


rox said...

Oh I love the name Killian or Kieran
I'm not sure if I spelled them right ☺
I'm going to ask my Mum some ideas too ;-)
Did you get the irish saint site I sent ?
I've got to get to bed field trip tomorrow ☺

Erin said...

My family were really keen on Aragon last night, very keen. We think it would suit your family well:)

Erin said...

Just came across the name, Ronan. May be too similar to Rogan though?

Anonymous said...

Olwyn Shalome

Olwyn - a friend just named her baby after her Irish auntie

Shalome - wife of Zebedee and mother of st. john and st. james the apostles

Anonymous said...

I am going to get my boys involved...they are the ones with the active imaginations :-)


allisamazing said...

Caoilinn is an Irish girls name meaning slender and white, fair and pure.

Anonymous said...


How about: Godwin (boy), Bronwen (girl), Declan (boy) or Daedon (girl)?


Miss Laurie said...

I've really enjoyed following your blog and have admired your unique naming style!
I love names, their histories and meanings. Here are some names from my own favorite's list as well a few I found at (my favorite name sight).

Boys: Ciaran (like Kieran, my favorite boy's name!), Caspian (Narnia inspired!), Declan, Eamon, Einion, Emlyn, Gawain, Mostyn, Owain (like Owen but it's the old Welsh smelling), Selwyn, Jolyon, Swithin, Taliesin, Tiernan, Colin, Cailean, Eoghan, Tyron, Griffin, Tristan, Drystan, Fillin, Fintan, Nolan, Oisin, Seanan (pronounced shawn-an), Torin, Doran, Faolan, Hopkin, Josslyn, Drustan, Celyn.

Girls: Siwan, Aderyn, Bronwen, Taryn, Imogen, Seren, Tristen, Keagan (not just for boys), Fallon, Farran, Liadan, Aislin, Bevin, Dorian, Eireen, Caron (Welsh, means "love"), Adelyn, Avelin, Mabyn, Tegan, Esslyn.
Another feminine Welsh name I really love is Delyth which means "pretty". Unfortunately it doesn't end in N.

I'm sorry I got a bit carried away. I can't wait to find out what you're going to name this sweet baby! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the name Bastien (Sebastien)or jamin (jay-min).

Anonymous said...

Bastien or Jamin(Jay min)

Anonymous said...

I had a penpall from Ireland, her name was Fiona...but that doesn't end in N.....Would you be opposed to a hypenated name?

Anonymous said...

I had a penpall from Ireland, her name was Fiona...but that doesn't end in N.....Would you be opposed to a hypenated name?

I have also been wondering for a long time how to pronounce Myffwyn name? (Mifwin?)short or long I in the beginning?

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember a name I liked one time it was Aiden. But that is more popular nowadays...still nice.

Gae said...

Thank you for joining in the fun here. I have really enjoyed looking at the names. Some we have had on the 'short list' for a while and keep checking out each time.

for Josette, Myfwyn is pronounced
Miff (short I) as in tiff and wyn as in win (short I for the y)

Gae said...

Opps, No Rox I didn't get the Irish saint site

Misty said...

Because your blog has been so inspirational, you have been given a Stylish Blogger Award! Stop over at my blog to find out all the details.

Nellie said...

Hi Mrs O.
Mum found some old saints names!!
(Elphin, Eunan, Flannan, Senan, Bertin, Bibian (Bibiana),
Emilin, Gontran,) and i found some too, like (Tristan, Owen, Cameron, Kieran, Brian, Carlean, Carwyn, Kevin, Devin, Keegan, Arden, Nolan, Alan, Keelin, Orin, Bowen, Duncan, Weylyn or Weylin, Marvin, Mabon, Doreen, Aleen, Vareen, Wulfran, Fagan, Mahon, Ultan, Kellen, Ninian, Parlan, Bethan, Jaidon, Ethan, Fallon, Careen, Yestin, Fagon, Annan, Hadden, Justin,) i think that was most of them!!!!

God Bless


Baby Names said...
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