Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Table Top Activity Day

Last week we had a Table Top Activity Day.
Sounds fancy doesn't it? Well not really all it was - was getting some or resources out putting them on the table and have Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn take a turn at them in what ever order they liked.
They really enjoyed this and i would like to do it more often but just have to get things organised a bit before hand.
While I was organising ( Looking for the lost tongs etc) they were outside playing on their bikes and scooters and of into the bush. Then moved onto dressing up.
So I guess we can count that as Physical Education and Nature Study and Drama as well!!!!
Myffwyn at work on the Rainbow Bead Threading Activity. Directly in front of her is a basket of shells to be sorted into matching types of shell.
Rainbow Threading- consists of pipecleaners and pony beads. There are two standard activities here:
1. match the beads to the pipe cleaner colour or
2. just thread how you want to.
Spooning acorns into a basket.
Tonging walnuts into the basket.
In the middle of the table are big plastic screws with 'washer' type ends. They are different colours and shapes and need to be matched.
To the left of Myffy are laces and pictures to be threaded - some homemade and some bought over the years.
At this end of the table are tangrams to the left and teddy bears in four different colours to go into matching(as close as we can get) cups.
In front of these are a magnetic Peter Rabbit set to place on a background and a tiny wooden village to set up.
At the far end Myffy is using the file folder's I made about 9 years ago. A close up of one is in the top photo.
Corbyn matching Teddy's into cups
Moran playing with the Peter Rabbit set
Moran Threading the Banana in Pajamas laces.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour through our Table Top Activity Day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What a wonderful time your children would have had!

High school isn't as much fun. *sigh*

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Deanne said...

What a great idea!
I need to do more of this!

Erin said...

Oh what fun:) They are obviously enjoying themselves. Moran is concentrating hard:)
I can't wait till I have more room so I can do activities like this again.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

What a delightful time! Although I might pull activities like these out to keep little hands happy and busy, I've never considered providing this vast array at once for a morning of fun as a class unto itself! Thanks for the inspiration! I particularly like Moran's "school outfit"!!


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