Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter is here!

Fantasy Myspace Comments
Winter has finally arrived!!!!!
All those things I love about winter to look forward too.

To me Winter is such a wonderful of family closeness. We are forced by nature to spend more time inside with warmth and light through fires, lantern and candle light.

Warm food and hot cozy drinks, comforting music and storytelling. Raading together and warm winter crafts.
So much of my love of Winter is these things.

What does winter mean to You?



Gardenia said...

Winter is my favorite time of year as well. the crackling fires in the fireplace, the blowing snow outside our windows. and like you, I love the inside activities abd crafts. we are just starting summer here in the USA midwest.

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Your blog is so pretty... I always enjoy visiting. It is hard to imagine that it is winter there... it is nearly summer here... the children are spending their days swimming! I think what would be the hardest for me if we were in Australia, is not having Christmas during the winter! That is what your lovely pictures make me think of. Peace and prayers. +JMJ+

Saxon said...

It also means SOMEONE has to chop firewood!!


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