Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Motherhood is NOT for Wimps ♥

I know many of you are aware of my passion for the promotion of homemaking and motherhood and the role of those who choose to embrace this lifestyle and how we can encourage and inspire one another in this precious vocation.

What many of you may not know is that this was not the way I was raised or encouraged as a new wife and  homemaker. Certainly the desire to become parents while Stephen and I were 'financially non prepared' for a little one was not encouraged either.

However despite these obstacles I can honestly say we have never regretted the decisions we have  made in terms of family choices ...the fact we have and always will be being open to new life. In this decision   we have always acknowledged that our God has always provided for our needs through one way or another, although perhaps not in how we would have desired!

In our early years of learning some of the ideas we now take for granted I was blessed to be given some old magazines by a lady at church, who by the way was a grandmother by then.

 It was a great eye opener to find that we were not alone in our love and desire to create a 'family circle' that not only welcomed children but openly embraced the love and value  of family  as the core to our local community and then to the wider world.
In essence to create a 'domestic church' that would build up our children to be strong individuals who would support and embrace their Faith and live their lives with integrity and love.

Since that early time I have been a great fan of Above Rubies  getting their magazines when I could and now they have  a  Facebook Page as well to encourage still.
I admire Nancy Campbell and her devotion she has had  over the years to the promotion of motherhood.

I thank God always that He has brought these type of women into my life, through magazines, books and as becauset he internet has evolved,  to nurture and encourage me in this vocation because  I think for me my life would have been so empty of a great many blessings. 

This is a poem Nancy posted for Mothers day on Sunday.

I really love it!
The way it show how so many aspects of our role as nurturers and yet devoted workers to our vocation.

I pray you enjoy it too ♥

There are those who would spurn the vocation of
And say of careers, it’s inferior to others,
I'll have to admit that it's not easy work,
It's relentless and from it you cannot shirk.

It takes all of your energy being a mother and wife,
Requiring daily commitment and a disciplined life,
It demands all your resources of patience and love,
Long-suffering and wisdom from the Father above.

It takes self-control and continual endurance,
It needs constant faith and great perseverance,
It means total sacrifice, forgetting your self,
Sometimes you think that you’re left on the shelf!

And what about time? It’s no longer yours,
It belongs to all those who come in your doors.
Claim your own rights? No, they're all gone too,
Like your right to sleep the whole night through!

It's not so easy to crawl into bed with a book
Or go off and dream in some quiet little nook.
It seems like you're totally losing your life
To be a good mother and a submissive wife.

But oh, faithful mother, please do not despair,
In God's perfect plan you do have a share,
To fulfil your destiny planned from creation
Which is to nurture children and BUILD A NATION!

You’re walking in the footsteps of Jesus your Lord
Who sacrificed all, His life He out-poured,
He didn't cling to His rights with selfish futility
He didn’t claim any privilege but walked in humility.

 He gave up His life to save millions of others,
This principle works in the lives of all mothers,
When you lose your own life you'll find it again,
A rewarding life, without guilt or shame.

So lift up your head, embrace your calling so high,
You're in God's perfect will, there’s no reason to
You may often feel worthless - don't listen to this lie,
Your influence goes higher than the clouds in the

As you nurture and train your God-given seed,
As you sharpen these 'arrows' by word and by deed,
You shape the nation - you determine its course,
Your mothering’s not wasted, it’s a great mighty

As your children leave home and go into the world
The proof of your training will soon be unfurled
You’ll influence countries where you've never been,
And down the generations its effect will be seen.

Your work is so powerful, no wonder it's tough,
But God is behind you, He's the GOD WHO IS
His strength and His wisdom He will give to you,
He stands by His promises which are totally true.

He'll always be with you right through to the end
As you follow His leading and deny the world's
Each morning you wake, your strength He'll renew.
He'll fill your home with His presence and His
   blessed peace too.

Love from Nancy Campbell

 Blessings to you and your homes,


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely poem, Gae.
Nancy Campbell is a terrific lady, and she's done so much to promote the high calling of christian motherhood!
She's helped me and my friends too.
Hope you are able to sleep ok at night and that the nerve pain will subside soon.
Things are getting close now :-)
Very exciting!!
Stay well, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging; thank you so much for posting it.

Jen said...

Thanks for a terrific post! I always love the posts and cool vintage pictures I find here.

Many blessings!

PS - I added your button to my blog -- www.homespunluv.blogspot.com.

Leanne said...

this is beautiful. I feel God is truly working through us all at the moment to encourage us. We were to 'not finanially prepared' when we were first married, but our desires went against the worldly view. God Bless you,Leanne

Tiffany said...

This is beautiful Gae. Thank you for sharing your heart! I would love to print out that poem...just perfect. We are praying for you and baby arriving soon!


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