Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthmarks ♥


When Our dear little Arwen was born she developed a strawberry birthmark. It was very much in the shape of a rose or a butterfly, depending on whose opinion you asked.

We were told it would disappear completely by the time she was 12 months old.
I must admit I was quite sad to think this would happen as she is the only one with  this and I thought is so special and sweet.

To date it has faded some what but is still quite visible. I just hope she keeps this little memento that says.....I am Arwen.



Kendra said...

Our Jayden had one on the back of his neck too, but more where his hair line reaches his neck. It's faded so much I forget about it from time to time.. He also had a birth march on his check that has equally faded over time to where we can hardly see either of them without really looking hard. I've always thought it was unusual how that happens!

PS, my kids are still raving about their wonderful time at your home!

Ruth said...

My children are looking for their birthmarks and hoped they had one. LOL

My sister had tiny one like Arwen's but it faded eventually when she got older.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

I know that when I look at her birth mark it reminded of lips. Perhaps, kissed by an angel. Cathy

Kim said...

Elise has a bunch of Mongolian spots all down her back. There's a possibility they may totally disappear by the time she's 3, but while they have faded, they're still there. I feel the same about them as you feel about Arwen's birthmark. :)

Gardenia said...

what a beautiful little "Angel's kiss," as I've heard them called. My daughter has a birthmark too, on her lower leg. two little shapes, in the shape of a heart and a moon! God's own imprint !!

Nadja said...

Gemma has one at the nape of her neck. Arwen's looks like a big lipstick-kiss to me!

Nichole "Nikki" Warren said...

I can't believe you were told it would be gone by the time she was 1. My son has the same thing on his arm. He's 9 years old now. You can see traces that it's there. The skin is raised some, but the whole thing is nearly "flesh" color now. It like your daughters has faded over the years, but it's only been the last year that I would say that it looks as if nearly "gone". We were told that it would fade and go way over the YEARS, not months.


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