Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open House : Family Room

Our Family room from the Stairs
Finally I have got a post ready for the  4 Moms Link Up: Open House.
I had planned to join in the other tours but time got away on me. I will perhaps back track and do our Lounge room and Kitchen later (mainly for Erin who has been waiting to see the changes we made since her visit).

As I am so slow in joining in I will just label the photos without too much writing.
I have just discovered blogger's new format and am adjusting to it and loving using the new features too.

Craft draws and my work basket
My craft desk with lots of books and ideas
I love our family room. It is a place where we spend a lot of our time. It is central to everything else in the house and in winter especially we always have the fire going on in there.
Across the room
We use this room for reading and listening to audio books, playing music and crafting.  At the moment Autumn's puppy also uses this room for part of the day.
My favourite cross stitch
I mad this cross stitch for our home when before Vellvin was even born. It is one of my favourite pieces as it is such a tranquil scene, alluding to Trust in Our Lord by listening to his voice.
The treadle machine and side table
The treadle has just made an appearance in this room with the help of my friend Bernadette (post on this soon).  The cross stitch above and home picture are special to me too.
Our favourite picture book case
Lots of favourite authors in here. Tasha Tudor, Shirley Hughes, Kim Lewis, Shirley Barber, Louisa M Alcott, American Girl series, Elizabeth Enright etc.
So many more authors to list but....
Beside it is Arwen's basket of home made toys and the children's basket of Sylvanian families
Reading corner
Corbyn'ss rocking chair sits here when not in use
Looking up to the stairs and along to the Lounge room
Our other couch and chair to sit and read. Further on you can see the hallway leading to the lounge room where we have our TV Cabinet and all the DVD's we watch.
Our stereo cabinet
Looking towards the stereo and another seat to craft in and my craft stuff (well one of my craft areas)
Our main heating during winter
Our Bulletin Board displays the seasonal images we like to remember too.
Another view from the Kitchen
Another bookcase and learning materials
This bookcase has Enid Blyton books and Corbyn's cars along with other learning items like dominoes, and nesting forms. Beside it is another basket of toys (to the left) and on the right our home made version of tree blocks for the children to play with. These are used a lot in crating habitats and homes for the Sylvanian families and other animals etc.
View from the veranda door to the kitchen
My rocking chair sits here and we gather around this space as a family

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to our Family room and hop on over to the 4 Moms Link Up: Open House to see some other entries and to  the Raising Olives Living Area (I really like this one)



Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Gae,

What a blessed and beautiful room! I love the pink walls, and the wood stove looks so cozy for chilly days.

Thank you for sharing your home with us.



Anonymous said...

Gae Thank You so much for Your posts & blog . I am finding it so inspiring to keep my heart @ home and not wonder every which way .
You are such a blessing and inspiration for many Mums out there
including me ☺
Thanks again .
I love love all your natural wood surroundings , very cottage like , my kind of place ☺

Erin said...

Lots of changes! Love the new lounge looks very comfy. And the treadle, whole room is inviting:)

Marla Grace said...

Beautiful Gae!Love the colors.Love it all!Blessings,Marla Grace

Anonymous said...

Enid Blyton? Are you an Aussie? A dear friend gave our children some of her books while we lived in Australia.

Gae said...

Dear All,
Thank you for your kind comments and especilaly to Rox, you make me feel so humbled by your responce.
I pray that you are inspired by coming to my space here with what I can share of our lives.

Hello Anonymous
Yes I am an Aussie and Enid Blyton are great 'non heavy" reading for our children
Where do you live now then? Where did you live in Aus when here?

Ruth said...

What a lovely home you have, Gae. Thank you for opening your home to us. I enjoyed the tour around your very homey place. Congratulations for being such a wonderful homemaker.



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