Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Un-Feast Feast Days

October is a very busy month for Liturgical feasting right from the start of the month, well even from the  last days of September. There are just so many feast days to celebrate.
Usually we would be very much into the celebrations of these.
This year how ever it seems we just couldn't keep up with the constant celebrations.
we would start a few things, have ingredients and craft materials ready but just not be able to pull it all together. Not because anything major had happened, just life in our home.

So to share the few things that did come together for these Feast Days we have just had (and I really hope we full fill our desire to celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary (our celebrations from last year) on Thursday.
Here are some pics from our home~
Profiteroles for St Therese. We did so much more last year and I was a little disappointed as it is one of our favourite Feast days.
The children did colour in some pictures from Charlotte and Vee for the Feast of the Guardian Angels, St Therese and The Feast of St Michael and the Archangels.
We did manage to do a little more with the Feast of St Francis, at least we read some of the books, and I printed out a card for everyone to keep. Hmmm just remembering did I give them to everybody...not sure I did. Oops!!!!
Corbyn is really enjoying colouring ...finally. Notice the grubby faces on him and Arwen as they were colouring while eating lunch too.
This is a couple of waiting to be wonderful feast day cookie dough, mixed up and ready , to be used finally today.
So all our cookies representing each of the feast days were all made in one day...shock, horror gasp.
Our St Francis books
Our Animal Shape cookies for St Francis
Our St Francis cookies. Autumn made these and the chocolate drops are in a pattern. They represent the Stigmata given to St Francis.
Our St Jerome lion cookies. If you use your imagination you can see a lion shape head, with eyes and a nose.
Well if you look REALLY HARD!

So that is a little round up of how we did sort of celebrate these feast days this year in our home.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Gae, I think you did splendidly in celebrating the way you did! You are doing a great job. I'm amazed that with such a beautiful, busy, large family that you have the energy to do what you do! You are an inspiration-and not just to your children either :-) God bless you dear lady..Trish

Tracey said...

The cookies look delicious - I can definitely see the lion's head!

Tiffany said...

Your home is full of love and celebration all the time, Gae! Loved seeing your selection of books and God Bless you all.

Gardenia said...

so much to celebrate. those saints keep us all busy. and I love the lion cookies -- so simple, yet it was the making of them that is the spiritual part!


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