Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Family Outing!

 On Monday we had a family day out along with our good friend Bernadette on a field trip to a local Honey Farm  to make up for the trip we missed out on with the Homeschoolers after we got lost ( very long story....but basically my dear husband gave me wrong, very hard to follow instructions on how to get there).
So we decided to go on the weekend and then to the Train Park at Deloraine afterwards for a picnic lunch.
I forgot to take pictures of the trip to the honey farm, which is in itself a misleading term for it is basically a shop with tasting and a minor education theme on Bee's and lots of products to sell.
We did try the honey and even bought some Strawberry Honey and Orange Honey. Stephen was very keen to get some Honey Apple Cider vinegar which apparently is good for your health.
We did indulge in the ice creams and got frozen eating them form the freezing wind and drizzle.
Then it was off to the park for some lunch and fun.
Our children all love the swings at these parks, but there are never enough, only two for the whole park and daddy was on one with Arwen.
Due to the huge amount of rain we had on the weekend the river was overflowing it's banks and the little gentle waterfall was now a raging torrent.
I always love the "Jemima Puddle Ducks" which is exactly what the children called out - "Look Mummy Jemima Puddle duck"
Of course the play ground equipment was a popular item with the under 10 crowd. Vellvin and Saxon were not very interested.
Moran was getting braver on the slide the longer we stayed.
Come on over and join me!
Arwen had the best time and was quite tired for the trip home.
Well Daddy was on the swing why not me.....I actually LOVE swings and wild rides, but rarely get the chance anymore.

Bernadette was up and down on the train trying to keep up with the children, Corbyn mostly as he is a very fast lad.
Our beautiful Vellvin, waiting to go home.
What is it we can do?
Swings again
Corbyn as a rocket launcher.
Myffy looking to chase someone.
Our 'oldest' children at home
Rogan climbing the rock wall
Corbyn and Moran trying too. How I wish we had one of these at our house.
Dangling, Dangling!!
More ducks, there were three kinds at the park
The rushing water
Over the river is a suspension bridge. Everyone except Saxon and Vellvin was keen to go across. The rushing water under the bridge DID NOT help Saxon and Vellvin to decide to come.
A beautiful tree under the bridge. I think it is Hawthorn.
Saxon and Vellvin watching us on the bridge.
We had to try the swings again.
Arwen practising the "I am sixteen going on Seventeen" dance  with her Daddy.
Rogan finally scored a swing.
Group sliding after a while
Vellvin took this of me when I wasn't ready.
More swings...did I mention I and the children love swings.
Our vigilant Bernadette helping keep track of the children.
I am big enough to go on her Mummy!!!
Saxon will help her

It was interesting to see another little boy (well about 9-10) start to play with the children. Whenever our children play at a playground they have always had other children either come up and join it their games or ask if they can play.

This was one of the aspects that I was thinking about in my Larger Family Life Post.
It used to be interesting when the older children were young enough to still play on  playground equipment as this is what would happen all the time, OR our children would run in to the playground and all the other children would run out.....that is one way to get the playground to yourselves. ☺

Well it was interesting also from a family perspective as this was the only outing we had together while the older ones were away. Once again it just emphasised to me how life changes so quickly and our 'family circle' is an ever changing circle with many many more interesting twists and turns for the future.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Kendra said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! So glad you made it. We love the orange honey too, and the lemon, and..


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