Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favourite Christmas Nativity

We were pleased earlier in the month to receive this wonderful gift: Fisher-Price Little People Nativity
for our younger children.

I cannot say how much the little children have loved playing with this.
We haven't actually ever had Fisher Price toys in our home before and I really am impressed with the sturdiness and play-ability of the set. Not to mention they really are cute looking figures.....which goes a long way in my book, attractiveness of the toys makes them more playable I have found over the years.

Arwen has taken to carrying around the Baby Jesus in the manger and I really need to make sure he is back with the rest of the set each night. It is so sweet to see her love placing him away with his 'mummy Mary' as whe puts him back.

The light star turns on at the top of the manger when the angel is pushed down and a very, very brief version of Silent Night plays.

Of course the older children have to exchange the angel for some of the other people and animals.
We even have had the camel on top to advertise- "The Thirsty Camel Pub", I am sure this is not it's intended role. This obviously not by one of the younger children playing with it- so I guess it really is a toy that lasts the test of time ☺

It certainly is one addition I am very glad to have in our home to help us keep our celebrations on the coming of Christ on Christmas.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Like sunshine in the home said...

What a cute nativity. Lovely.

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

That's a really sweet nativity, Gae! It looks like it will last forever too :-) I love how your little one carries the baby Jesus around - how very precious!!


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