Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Precious little Arwen ♥

Dearest Precious Arwen,
How can it be that you are two already? But then how can we imaging life without you?

We truly are blessed to have you in our lives and you bring such joy and laughter to our family.

Everyone adores you and loves to spend time with you, and why not? Isn't that one of the blessings of having brothers and sisters.

Have a wonderful day ,even if my Beatrix Potter plans fell through!

We love you SOOOOOO MUCH.


Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Happy Birthday to gorgeous Arwen!!
Blessings to you dear Gae, as your family celebrates your precious little joy-giver today :-)
Give her a hug from me too!

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday Arwen!

Life In a Little House said...

Oh a very Happy Birthday to Arwen!! all your children are precious blessings from the Lord :) ~Love Heather

Kendra said...

Aww, sorry about the Beatrix Potter plans! Happy Birthday to Arwen though! :D

Mum2eight said...

happy birthday Arwen. I hope you have a fun day and a blessed year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear one! May Our Lord continue to bless you with many more...and that you may grow knowing Him always ! :)



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