Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well the new year has come already and I feel that I am  starting a new journey, but with no plan or formula ready.

I  have found that I really haven't planned any New Year Resolutions and have no thoughts on how to improve myself for this coming year.

I think my focus will of course be on increasing my devotion to God and how this applies in my life right now. I really need to give this some un-interrupted thought, and I have been busy in life and thoughts with other things at the moment.

I know that I would dearly like to feel more organised within my daily life but as yet have to work out the details  of how to achieve this.

I also know I tend to over-achieve in all aspects of my life and would really like to not do that this year, hopefully this will lead to having more balance in the important aspects of my life.
How this will pan out though I am not sure yet.

I can say that I truly would like this year, and not to far into it for our house to sell and that we can move on with our lives. I believe that this is such a much needed thing for us as a family, and pray that our faith and patience (well most of the time) will be rewarded soon.

I sometimes know I can feel pressured by other outside influences and need to develop some coping strategies to deal with this.

One of my big focuses needs to be to have our more 'special needs' children get the focused attention they need to develop the skills and strategies to make their lives more enjoyable.

Focusing on joy in everyday life could be my motto - or not.  I need to assess if having a motto or theme word will induce more stress or not.

I would like to thank each of my readers for your support and inspiration and hope you will continue to share in our journey together for this coming year.


Blessings to you and your homes,

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molly said...

blessings on your new year.


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