Friday, January 14, 2011

Our New Favourite Books

We have discovered some new favourite books. I have loved reading them to the little ones and once again these seem to be timeless in the fact that the older children enjoy reading them as well. This makes them a great series for the older ones to read to the younger ones too.

I have found some books, as much as I love them just aren't as popular for others to read to the younger children.

These books are just humorous enough with out being over the top and not too long (for those Daddy's and siblings who don't like to read tooooooo long books aloud)

I also found this website dedicated to Fancy Nancy too
This one is a shorter one that I think is designed for early readers. A fun read too.
This is also a funny and entertaining one about Nancy's enterprise of earning some money
This was our introduction to Fancy Nancy this year. I bought it as a new Christmas book and we all just fell in love with Fancy Nancy. hence starting our buying more of these books to add to our collection.
I think this one is Arwen's favourite of the lot. It is the one she often brings me to read to her, and of course who can refuse that!

If you haven't tried these books I really recommend them for the light hearted and wonderful play on words that Nancy uses to make things fancy. Really we haven't had such a popular collection of books with all ages in a  long time.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Gae,

I've never heard of Fancy Nancy (although Audrey says she has), but I'll definitely check her out the next time we go to the library!

I love learning about new good books, so thank you for the tip!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Gae, these books look adorable!

The art is just so pretty...

Thanks for sharing.


Kendra said...

Have you guys seen this Fancy Nancy Fun?
Fancy Nancy Unit Study

Gae said...

Dear Marqueta, I am sure your girls will love them
Dear Maria,
Yes I think the art work adds to the charm too.
Dear Kendra,
Thanks for that I think the girls might enjoy it. I am still finalising their plans for school and might incorporate it.

Thanks ladies for your input

Gardenia said...

Gae, I've heard of Fancy Nancy and seen the books and we don't have any but I do think my daughter would love these. the illustrations are intricate and appealing!

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Gae, they look so cute!! I wish I had a little girl to read those books to. Having 2 sons my storybook reading library was from quite a different genre :-D
bless you..Trish

Fruitful Harvest said...

We too love Fancy Nancy books~
Last May I gave my 5yr old daughter a Fancy Nancy inspired sit down tea party~

Peace and Blessings,

Saxon said...

They are very funny Mum.


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